Top 10 Sources For Free Blog Images

Tired of paying for expensive stock photos for your blog and social media posts?

Sick of trying to figure out what free images you can use without worrying about getting penalized?

Wish there was a better way to high quality “free” images for your blog?

Of course you, you will be glad you found this post because I am about to share with you my top 10 sources for free blog images!

This is not some random list of websites that bait you in with a bunch of junk free images then make you pay royalty fees on the high quality images you actually want to use.

These are the exact same sources that many wise bloggers including myself use to tap into a virtually unlimited supply of free stock photos that not only look great but will take your blog posts to the next level.

By the end of this post you will not only know the best places to find free high quality stock photos for your blog and social media posts but you will also know what types of images you can legally use to avoid copyright penalties.

My goal is to help you find the high quality images you need to match the high quality content you are publishing on your blog and save you a ton of money in royalty fees.

I know your excited to start checking out some of these free image sites but first, let’s cover the three main types of copyright categories you will need to understand when dealing with free blog images.

Public Domainpublic domain images are defined as photos, clip art or vectors whose copyright has expired or never existed in the first place. Almost anyone can use these images for personal and commercial purposes.

Royalty Free – royalty free images are the images you will typically find on paid image sites such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto where you pay a fee for the image then can use the image with providing attribution or paying additional royalty fees.

Creative Commons – creative commons can best be described as a non-profit group designed to be an alternative to restrictive copyright laws and to allow for artists, authors and creators to license their work for distribution.

The key when using creative commons images is to check the license restrictions for each image that you want to use.

There are several different types of creative commons licenses and each must be followed if you want to avoid penalty for using the image, you can check out all of the different licenses here.

Top 10 Sources For Free Blog Images

Awesome Free Blog Image I Downloaded From

Top 10 Sources For Free Blog Images

All of the sites listed below have either public domain or creative commons licenses and do not require attribution.

I will list which license each site uses but always double check for yourself as I am sure these things could change over time. – Free blog images for personal or commercial use, must purchase license for redistribution of images. – Unsplash is a pretty cool site with some super high quality blog images uploaded by site users under the creative commons zero license, free for whatever you want.

free blog images – Pexels is one of the best and most popular searchable databases of free blog images you will find, all of the images have a creative commons zero license which means all of the images are free to use for any legal purpose. (Public Domain) – Flickr is a site you have probably already used at one time or another as it is one of the most popular image sites online. When searching Flickr for blog images, make sure you sort by license and select only images that are “public domain” so you can legally use them and do not have to provide attribution. – another great source of high quality stock photos for your blog. All images have no copyright restrictions. – large database of searchable public domain images. – free images you can use anywhere, search through their vast library of creative commons zero images which you can download, modify or use however you would like and attribution is never required. – another huge searchable database of free blog images available for personal and commercial use, all images are public domain and no attribution is required. (now – this is a site I hardly ever use, although they have some great free images. Just be careful with them as all of the free images are always shown below the “premium” images which you have to pay for and you have to check each “free” image to make sure no attribution is required. – a huge database of searchable public domain images – highly recommend you check out this site for all your free blog image needs.

Top 10 Sources For Free Blog Images

Navigating the world of free blog stock images can be tedious at times but it doesn’t have to be if you understand the different types of licenses and know which images you can legally use.

Sticking with the trusted sites above will save you a ton of money over buying stock images for your blog and the headache of dealing with some of the so call “free blog image” sites out there who are really trying to get your money.

I hope you found my top 10 sources for free blog images helpful, I know there are many other reputable sites out there so please if you have one not listed that you would like to share, please leave a link in the comments section below.







Can You Make Money With Network Marketing?

Instant Success!

Fire Your Boss and Finally Earn What You Deserve!

Let Your Team Do All The Selling!

These are all pretty common headlines in the network marketing industry but with everything you have probably heard about direct selling, can you make money or is network marketing just some hyped up scheme to get you to part ways with your hard earned money?

This is a pretty sensitive topic online so I will tread lightly as I do not want to wake the internet trolls who are lurking, waiting to pounce on anyone who dares to talk bad about their beloved network marketing.

All jokes aside, this is a topic that always seems to always draw up some pretty heated discussions with strong supporters on both sides of the argument.

I personally am somewhere in the middle, I believe in network marketing and have seen amazing success in all three of the companies I have been involved with but at the same time I am currently not promoting any mlm company so that should tell you something.

In this post, I will dive into the good and of course the bad sides of this industry and give you all the information you need to decide whether or not direct selling is the right path for you to pursue.

My goal is not to push you one way or the other as I am not involved in network marketing at the time and have nothing to gain should you decide to get started with a company or not, just simply want to give you my perspective on this industry and maybe even share some of my own experiences.

can you make money with network marketing

Can You Make Money With Network Marketing?

I will be the first to admit that me and network marketing have what some might call a love-hate relationship!

There are times when I honestly believe that network marketing is the best business model on the planet and wonder why everyone is not doing it.

Then there are times when I feel you would have to be an absolute idiot to get involved with this non-sense of a business.

True love-hate, but to truth is I actually like the concept of network marketing and truly believe it is one of the only business models left where anyone from any background can create a extraordinary income with minimal financial investment.

The problem is the success stories a way to few and far between and while there are many people who have been able to make network marketing their full time income, quit their jobs and make movie star type money, sadly over 96% of the people who start a mlm business will fail.

And this is where the problem comes in, how on earth can I get excited about a business knowing that 96 out of 100 distributors that I sign up will ultimately fail and quit.

Is it really worth the time and energy required to get 100 people going in their new business knowing that within the first year 96 of them will have dropped out and gave up on this business?

Sure everyone is super excited when they first get started and that is easy but the conversation start losing energy when the results don’t come as quick as hoped for.

I often blame myself for not getting 100% of the distributors who sign up under me to reach at least the same level of success I have been able to achieve, maybe I am not a good sponsor after-all, but then I remember that the over 96% failure rate I told you about a minute ago is not my personal success percentage, it is the industry average!

So what gives? Why is this industry plaqued with such a high failure rate and why do only less than 4% of the people who start a network marketing business reach success, what separates them from the rest?

In my opinion what separates those who succeed from those who fail really only comes down to 2 factors, factors that all of us have complete control over.

  1. Drive/Passion to Succeed
  2. Following a Proven Success System

Notice I didn’t say anything about how well you communicate with others, what you look like, how much education you have or any other excuse that people use to blame their failure on.

It has nothing to do with that, sure it could affect your ability to close a sale here and there but ultimately in the long run those who have an internal drive to be successful and are following a proven success system will find a way to be successful.

Drive/Passion To Succeed

There really isn’t much to talk about when it comes to your drive/passion to be successful, you either have it or you don’t.

Those who know that they are going to be successful no matter what look at obstacles to breaking through in network marketing as the next challenge they will overcome on the path to greatness.

On the other hand, those who do not have this internal desire to be successful and are going to continue to put in half-ass efforts and expect to achieve great success results will see these same challenges as roadblocks that are un-passable and give up.

It’s a lot like Les Brown says, “There are winners, there are losers and there are those who have not yet learned how to win”.

Winners will always find a way, losers will quit and give up short of the finish line while the rest are just waiting on that one break they need to become winners, which one are you?

This business rewards winners and those who are willing to follow a proven system to the letter and quickly gets rid of those who are not willing to do what it takes to win.

Following a Proven Success System

When you make the decision that you are going to be successful in network marketing no matter what, you are already ahead of most distributors in this industry.

You understand that network marketing is a real business just like any other business and needs to be treated as such.

Those who do not respect their business and continue to treat it as a hobby or a fun way to make money will continue to fall short of their goals and in the long run will probably fail.

Of course there are some who start off in network marketing as a hobby, see a little success and then get serious but for most, those who treat their network marketing opportunity as a real business from the start are far more likely to succeed than those who do not.

It all starts with a solid and well thought out business plan, marketing strategy and a thorough understanding of the products and the company you will be representing.

From there, plugging into a proven success system is all you need to do to be on your way to being a top performer in any direct sales company you should choose.

There are hundreds of network marketing systems out there for you to follow, some are good and some are not but the one thing they all have in common is a proven track record of positive results.

Network marketing is not about re-inventing the wheel and you do not have be the first to try something to be successful.

Why put your success on hold while you are testing out systems or ideas?

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to find someone who has already been where you are and has already developed a plan of attack to become successful in network marketing and is willing to teach you what you need to be doing and then just copy what they are doing?

Of course it would, there is no shame in borrowing someone else’s system if in the end it means you are going to eliminate the typical roadblocks that all new network marketers face and get to success much quicker than you would on your own.

Most of the top earners in the network marketing industry are more than willing to show you what they are doing to be successful to anyone who will take the time and listen.

Take a look at some of the network marketing superstars like Dave Wood or Ray Higdon to name and few and you will find that through their blogs and YouTube channels they give away more network marketing tips for free than you would find in most paid training products.

The information you need is readily available on the internet, you just have to be willing to find it, learn it and then take action on what they are teaching you.

This business is all about duplication so once you learn a system that works, don’t keep it bottled up like some huge secret, teach it to your down-line and make sure they really understand it so they can implement it into their business and duplicate the results you are achieving.

Can You Make Money With Network Marketing – Final Thoughts

Sorry if this post seemed like a bit of a roller coaster, I have mixed opinions when it comes to network marketing.

I know that you can create a mlm business bigger than you ever dreamed was possible in a relatively short amount of time, I know I have done it more than once.

But I also know that one of the main pillars of this business model, duplication, is a lot easier said than done.

I have tried three times to build and maintain a large network marketing team but each time I was unable to get people to duplicate the results I was able to achieve on a consistent basis.

Maybe it was me, maybe my teaching method does not resonate well with others or maybe others don’t have the same level of passion to succeed that I do and no matter what I do, it will never be enough because I can make people want to do more than they are willing to do.

Yes, you can make money with network marketing but you will not be able to do it alone.

To build the kind of income that the top earners have then you will need to depend heavily on the performance of your team so if you decide to get in the business know that your team will look to you to be a leader and help them see consistent results.

In short, the question, can you really make money with network marketing is a unquestionable, YES but you are going to have to work hard to get there.


Isagenix Reviews – Is It Really Worth Your Time?

Isagenix reviews seem to be a dime a dozen these days.

I just got done reading the top 5 reviews of Isagenix and their products and I have to say that there are a lot of mixed opinions on this company.

I know you are searching for an honest Isagenix review, and that is exactly what you will get by the end of this post.

When I thinking about joining a network marketing company, I did a lot of research on Isogenix and have to say that they have a lot of good things going for them, some bad but what mlm doesn’t have some bad.

I ended up going with another opportunity and am absolutely loving it, but I am not here to promote my opportunity, I am here to give you what most Isagenix reviews simply do not, the truth.

isagenix review

What Is Isagenix

This may be the only part of my review that may seem a little but standard because after-all, for some of you this may be the first Isagenix review you have read so it is important to give you a little bit of a background on who this company is and what they have done.

Isagenix is a health and wellness company that was started back in 2002 by Jim & Cathy Coover and John Anderson, not household names but each is very respected in the health supplement and network marketing industries.

Jim Coover – co-founder of Isagenix has more than 30 years experience helping build successful companies in the health and wellness industry.

Kathy Coover – Executive Vice President was named as one of the most influential women in network marketing, she also earned the top money-earner in three separate companies in 1992, she is a very impressive woman.

John Anderson – co-founder and master formulator for Isagenix products has worked with over 600 companies to develop private label supplements, this guy knows his stuff.

All three were retired when they decided to launch Isagenix.

Isagenix has quickly rose to be one of the top of the health and wellness direct selling companies on the market thanks to their high quality products and loyal customer base.

Today Isagenix offers a full line of health and wellness products from meal replacement shakes and bars to performance enhancing supplements.

They have a well established tribe of loyal distributors who help spread the company brand to the masses and a very user friendly company website which helps tell the Isagenix story.

On the surface Isagenix appears to be a great multi level marketing to join if there is such a thing as a “good” multi level marketing company, now for the real truth!

What Most Isagenix Reviews Don’t Tell You

If this is not the first Isagenix review you have read then you have probably already heard about the high quality ingredients used in all Isagenix products.

You have more than likely already heard about all the wonderful health benefits you will receive by using Isogenix products on a regular basis and the high levels of essential vitamins and minerals found in each Isagenix product.

Instead of regurgitating what you could find in any of the hundreds of Isagenix reviews already published online I figured I would shake things up and tell you what you really need to know before you start using Isagenix products or decide to become a distributor for Isagenix.

Let me start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Isagenix, have never been and don’t have any plans on being involved anytime in the future.


There are way to many reasons to list as far as why I would not recommend joining Isagenix or any other network marketing opportunity for that matter.

I will however narrow it down and give you my top 5 reasons why Isagenix is not worth your time and your money for that matter.


Isagenix Products

There is no real proof that I have seen that shows where Isagenix products have any scientific proof that they are any better than any other diet product on the market.

Yes it’s true that many people have had amazing success while using Isagenix products and I am not here to tell you they are bad or lower quality than advertised but what I am saying is you simply do not need it.

Products like Isagenix are for lazy people who do not have the self discipline to loose weight and get healthy on their own by making good food choices and exercising regularly.

The cold hard truth is that loosing weight is not complicated at all, you consume less calories than you burn each day and you will loose weight.

The core of the Isagenix diet is meal replacement shakes, yes they have many other products, but is replacing one or two of your daily meals with a shake a lifestyle that you can sustain for an extended period of time, I am guessing no.

Sure you do well while on the products but the products themselves are not reality and the reality is that the only way you will have long lasting results is through significant lifestyle changes.

The last thing I will add about the products is this, would the products be as popular as they are if there wasn’t a business opportunity attached to them?

What I mean by that is, if you were to walk into a vitamin shoppe or nutrition store and saw a wide range of products on the wall with varying prices and no one there to tell you how great they are and the amazing results you will see, would you still choose Isagenix products over any of the others?

I personally would answer no and the fact that the person who is trying to sell you on Isagenix has a monetary incentive to close the sale doesn’t really sound like what is truly best for you is a top priority.

The Isagenix Business Opportunity

Isagenix is a multi level marketing company which means you have the opportunity to start your own business promoting and selling Isagenix products.

As with all network marketing companies, your success will be determined not only by how much volume you can sell but also how much volume the team you recruit sells.

Most new recruits are lured into the company with dreams of driving fancy cars, taking luxury vacations and cashing huge commission checks but those dreams quickly fade as they realize how hard it really is to push overpriced health products to their friends and family.

I have read many studies that have shown where new network marketers have less than a 4% chance of being successful in their mlm business.

Less than 4%, I am no math wiz but that means that more than 96% of new Isagenix distributors will fail to make money in the Isagenix business opportunity.

With odds like that, it’s no wonder network marketing has such a bad reputation.

You Are Creating Your Own Competition

When you start your Isigenix business you are taught to get as many people as you can signed up under you so you can let them do all the selling while you sit back and collect your commission checks from their sales.

This is one of the major problems with Isagenix as you are creating your own competition with every new distributor you sign up.

To me it really doesn’t make sense because most people build their business selling to people who they already know and who are in their local area.

Why would you want to increase the amount of people who are selling the exact same products as you in your own area?

At first I am sure most people get excited when they sign up their friends and co-workers but then they see their own retail sales start to decline which ultimately leads to less commissions because retail sales always pay more than commissions from your down-line.

There is an alternative to over-saturating your local area with Isagenix reps but unfortunately most Isagenix have no clue how to properly market Isagenix products online.

Most Network Marketers Have No Clue How To Market

When you sign up with Isagenix you are assigned a sponsor who is normally the person who recruited you into the company.

Most sponsors will teach you to market to your friends and family, share Isagenix promotional posts on social media and talk to everyone you come in contact with about Isagenix.

On the surface this seems like a solid marketing approach but most people quickly realize they do not know enough people to market to, their social media friends want to watch stupid videos of cats instead of constantly seeing your Isagenix posts and they are not face to face sales people after-all.

Most people think that Isagenix products will sell themselves when they sign up but they will not, you must constantly hustle to keep sales and signups coming in.

You could however have a real chance of success if you learn how to market Isagenix products online and tap into an unlimited supply of network marketing leads but the odds are your sponsor has no clue how to do this either and you will be on your own to learn how.

Joining Isagenix Does “Not” Make You A Doctor

When you join Isagenix and begin to promote the products to other people you will be bombarded with health related questions that you will have no clue how to answer.

I have worked with a few health related network marketing companies in the past and trust me, most people have some sort of health problem and they will want to know how Isagenix products will affect their condition.

Even if you read all the information Isagenix provides you will not have an answer for most of the health related questions you be asked.

This will lead you to an uncomfortable and unfortunate situation, do you answer with “I don’t know” or do you pre-tend like your a doctor and tell the potential customer what they want to hear in order to make the sale?

I can tell you from experience, when you tell a customer “I don’t know the answer but let me find out for you”, you have lost the sale as customers expect you to have all the answers when they ask.

Sure there will be some that will wait for you to find an answer for them but the majority are impulse buyersand if they don’t buy when you initially present them with the products, they are not going to buy.

The problem with Isagenix and all other health and wellness network marketing companies is most distributors think they are health experts and assume they know the answer to all health related questions, which leads to a lot of false information being spread to customers who end up disappointed with the products when they don’t do what the distributor said they would.

Isagenix Review

I hope that my Isagenix review helped you in making your decision whether or not to join Isagenix and you learned a little bit more about what you will be getting into if you do decide to join.

If you are hell-bent on joining Isagenix, by all means, join and I wish you all the success you deserve.

The reason I wrote this review was to give you a different perspective from all the Isagenix promoter reviews who fill their review with nothing but sunshine and rainbows about the company.

I have been involved with a few network marketing companies and have seen unbelievable success and while the money was great once I finally broke through, I never really believed in the products I was promoting and decided the money wasn’t worth the lies I had to tell to make sales.

If you are considering joining Isagenix just to make money and not because you absolutely love the products, trust me, eventually you hate what you do and everyday will feel like a bad day at work.


My Simple 3 Step Plan For Internet Marketing Greatness

Today, I will be revealing my simple 3 step plan for internet marketing greatness to hopefully help you stop struggling to get results and get your online business moving in the right direction.

This post was inspired by the 20 plus emails I get everyday from people who message me wanting me to give them the “secret” to success online.

Look, let me be very clear about one thing, becoming a successful internet marketer is not some great “secret” or special skill that only a few among us posses.

Let me say that again, you do not need any special skills to start and run a successful internet marketing business.

Sure there are things that you will need to learn to get up and running but if you are willing to learn, put in the effort and step out of your comfort zone, you have everything you need.

Too many marketers try to over-complicate internet marketing and end up getting lost in a sea of information, training methods and get rich quick schemes.

I don’t want that to happen to you any longer, follow along as I give you the three pillars that are the foundation of my internet marketing empire.

This is not everything you need to go out and make a million dollars on the internet this year but if you learn and implement these 3 core beliefs in your online business, you will have a solid foundation that you can use to build your own online empire and create wealth beyond your imagination!

3 steps plan for internet marketing greatness

My Simple 3 Step Plan For Internet Marketing Greatness!!!

Pillar 1: Take Consistent Action!! 

Every year million of new marketers come on the scene with dreams of striking it rich online and living the ultimate laptop lifestyle.

They flood the internet looking for training courses and how to systems that promise to teach them how to make loads of easy money with little to no effort.

Most of these new marketers quickly realize that making money online is harder than they thought and instead of hunkering down and just following the system being taught to them, they abandon that training course and start over by searching for another course which may contain a quicker blue-print to wealth.

Before they know it, a year has gone by and they have 10, 20, 50 internet marketing training courses collecting dust on their computer’s hard-drive and they are no closer to making their first sale than a brand new marketer just getting started.

While most of the internet marketing training courses being offered by the so called “gurus” are absolute junk, they do contain some solid fundamentals that are perfect for new marketers who just need a little direction to get going.

If you are ever going to have any chance at success as an internet marketer, you are going to have to stop spending all of your time chasing a magic solution and actually start taking action on what you are learning.

The key point I am trying to make is that you are going to get a lot of advice on how to build your internet marketing business, hell free advice is everywhere you look on the internet, it is what you do with that advice that will determine if you are successful or not.

I am not saying that you should take action on everything you see and hear but you have to start by taking consistent action to move your business forward or you will never grow from where you are right now.

Pick a mentor or training program that is aligned with the way you want to market online and stick to it, take the advice you are given and act on it, you will be amazed at how fast results will start to happen when you stop taking steps back and only move forward!!

Pillar 2: 3 Core Beliefs

I am not going to lie, I stole this one from the founder of Empower Network, Dave Wood, but I believe in it so much that I use it as the base for my online business and marketing model.

The 3 core beliefs are actually quite simple:

  • Blog daily
  • Learn daily
  • Market daily

The one thing that should have stood out to you is “daily”!

This means that you are working on your business each and every day, no exceptions.

Success and greatness come from a lot of small things done well, day after day.

It will be up to you to determine how much time you spend doing each task but the key is that you do them each and every day.

For me personally, my goal is to devote 2 hours to my marketing empire each day, sometime I do less and many times I do more, but 2 hours was a good number for me to commit to and still maintain my work life balance.

When you are first getting started, you will spend more time building your internet marketing business but as you gain experience you will become more and more efficient.

Let’s take a look at each of the core beliefs so we are all on the same page:

Blog daily – this is critical to the growth of your blog.

Everyone loves a blog that is constantly being updated with fresh new content including the most important of them all, Google.

Unless you want to spend every dime you have paying for traffic you are going to need to impress the BIG G so he will rank your content at the top of his search engine.

Blogging daily is great way to increase the exposure your site is getting, help increase your authority, your rankings and ultimately drive more targeted traffic back to your content.

Plus as you get in the habit of blogging daily, your writing skills will naturally get better and more efficient which will decrease the amount of time that you need to spend each day producing your killer content.

I remember when I was first trying the blog daily approach in my business, it was hard constantly coming up with ideas for blog posts but once I learned how to never run out of blog post ideas, I became an unstoppable force in the search engines and I know you can to.

My next pillar will cover how you will never run out of blog post ideas so you can wake up each morning knowing exactly what you will be covering that day.

Learn Daily: content marketing is always changing and those who do not keep up with this every changing environment often get left behind.

The goal for those who want to learn daily should be to set aside a specific amount of time each day to study a new skill, read the latest industry news or work on a part of your business that you are struggling with.

The great thing about internet marketing is that you can learn as you go and always try to refine your skills.

For me personally, I shoot for 30-45 minutes a day of continuing education which often comes in the form of reading the latest posts on one of my favorite blogs or listening to a training or motivational audio file while I am driving around town or on the treadmill.

Please do not get left behind or ever think that you know enough to succeed in this business, the odds are you don’t.

Market daily: blog promotion is just as important as the content that you create and you need to set aside time each day to promote your blog to help grow your online reach.

There are many who will tell you if you create killer content people will naturally find it, sorry to be a downer but it just doesn’t work that way.

You are going to have to spread the word if you want to speed up the ranking process and increase the traffic coming back to your blog.

There are many ways to increase your online exposure including sharing your content on forums, press releases, social media, creating YouTube videos, posting comments on related blogs as well as many many more sources but the idea is you have to be out there hustling up traffic if you want any chance at being successful in this business.

Pillar 3: Develop A Plan of Attack

Now that you are ready to take action and know what you should be doing each day, its time to develop a plan of attack to give your online business some direction.

The problem with planning is most people over-complicate the hell out of it.

I have seen elaborate  5, 10 year or longer plans that involve fancy computer software just to keep track of.

When I say develop a plan of attack, I simply mean that you have one centralized place where you can lay out your goals, your list of upcoming blog posts, and any ideas and projects you have for your business.

For me this is a 99 cent spiral bound notebook that I can easily carry with me wherever I go as to not miss a chance to write down ideas as they come to me.

When I have finished with a post from my list, a project or a goal, I simply cross it off and move on to the next one.

The key is to simplify your plans so that you have a clear direction and path to success.

If your internet marketing business plans will not fit in a small notebook, you need to simplify your plans so that they will.

Typically what I will do is write down my next 10 – 20 blog posts, a couple projects I am actively working on, new skills I want to learn and ideas I want to research to grow my business.

Just remember that a plan, no matter how simple, that gets 100% completed is far more valuable than a bunch of impressive over-reaching plans that never get done.

Start today, take 30 minutes or longer if needed and develop your plan of attack and you will have a much clearer vision of where your business is going.

My Simple 3 Step Plan For Internet Marketing Greatness!!!

You have now been armed with a simple 3 step plan for internet marketing greatness, if implemented in your business can generate great wealth.

Most people who read this will do nothing with it and wind up getting the same results they always have but I know that you are different and you are going to get your simple notebook so you can start writing down your plan of attack.

You should now have a different mindset when it comes to making money online and know that the key to your success is now a lot closer than it was 10 minutes ago.

If you do nothing else, just give it a try for a few weeks and see if you do not see yourself making a lot more progress than you have been.

My success is my success and I cannot guarantee that you will see the same results but if you apply these following steps, you will see results:

  • Take consistent action!
  • Follow the 3 core believes mentioned above
  • Develop your plan of attack

I cannot wait to hear back from you letting me know that you put my 3 step plan for internet marketing greatness to work in your business and you were finally able to get past the roadblocks and start generating results.


How To Never Run Out Of Blog Content Ideas Again

One of the toughest challenges for a blogger is constantly coming up with ideas for great content.

Sometimes it can be harder just coming up with the topic than actually writing the post itself.

I remember when I was first starting my first blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about for about a month then I really struggled with coming up with fresh content ideas.

Somewhere along the way I learned a few tricks that work like gangbusters to get the content creation juices flowing again.

Today I wanted to share those tricks with you so the next time you find yourself struggling to come up with blog content ideas, you can give them a try.

I am sure that when you finish reading this post, you will never run out of blog content ideas again.

develop a content strategy


How To Never Run Out Of Blog Content Ideas Again

Instead of giving you some long list of ways to never run out of blog content ideas again, I thought it would be better to give you the exact methods I personally use to come up with my blog content topics.

After all, the idea is to actually consistently come up with fresh new content right?

Ok, so here is my secret formula.

Develop A Content Strategy

This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make, not taking the time to develop your content strategy.

Developing a content strategy is nothing more than sitting down and planning out your content in advance so that you have a plan for what you will be blogging about.

Sounds simple right?

It is, but most bloggers do not take the time to do this simple step and for this reason they find themselves stuck with no clue what to blog about.

If you know Dave Wood, co-founder of Empower Network and blogging millionaire, then you know that his number 1 core commitment for anyone who is looking to be a successful blogger is to “blog daily”.

Now, for a lot of us, blogging daily is simply not an option with all that we have going on in our lives, I get that and I am not here to tell you to abandon your responsibilities but you do need to have a consistent plan to get fresh content on your blog.

Google loves blogs that are frequently updated and reward them with higher search engine ranking which leads to more traffic.

If you want this Google love then adding fresh content to your blog consistently is a must.

I personally have my content strategy for my blogs set to 3 updates per week, which is very doable especially because I mix up my blog post types to make it easier for me.

You can do this to, when you are developing your content strategy, decide how often you want to update your blog and know that every post does not have to be some epic 2,000 word post.

You can decide to do one long post a week then mix in blog post types like:

  • Case Studies
  • Interviews
  • Top 10 Posts
  • Lists
  • Motivational Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • How To Posts

Hopefully you get the idea but the key takeaway is that you take the time to develop your content strategy and plan out your blog posts in advance so that when it comes time to actually but the pen to the paper you know exactly what you will be blogging about.

One last tip and then we will move on.

Because I know what my next blog topic will be, I can think about and plan that post in my mind before I ever sit down to write it.

So that time you are spending surfing around on your smartphone could be spent researching for your next post.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

You have probably heard this before but because you are here and reading this post, I can only assume that you did not act on it.

Well, you should because this in my opinion is the best way to consistently come up with fresh ideas for blog content.

For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, let me explain.

Reverse engineering simply means that you find out what your competitors are blogging about, then let their content inspire what you blog about.

I am not saying that you should copy what their blog says but read then rewrite their post in your own words.

Surely you can do better than what your competitor did, so your goal should be just that, write the same blog post in your own words but do it better than your competitor.

Remember, it is all about giving helpful content and value to the reader so look for ways that you could improve your competitors article and add more value than they did.

Many times the content that you will find will be just descent but not awesome, your content needs to be awesome so take your time and always strive to publish your best work.

The same holds true for videos too, if your competitor publishes a video to YouTube or anywhere else, watch it and let it inspire your video.

While you are analyzing your competitors blogs and gathering all these great content ideas, there are a couple other things that you should also be looking for:

  • How often are they publishing fresh content?
  • What keywords, key phrases are they using in their content?
  • What is their overall content strategy?
  • What topics do they publish the most content about?
  • Where are they getting their backlinks from?

This is all vital information that you will need to know if you want to save yourself a lot of trial and error and get a leg up on the competition.

Online marketing is very competitive and the ones who make all the money are the ones who are willing to roll their sleeves up and do whatever it takes to succeed, is that you? or are you just going to keep winging it when it comes to your content?

How To Never Run Out Of Blog Content Ideas Again

I honestly feel that once you take the time to develop your content strategy and you learn how to reverse engineer your competitors content that you will be off to the races with producing plenty of kick ass content but if you still need a couple more sources for inspiration, here you go.

  • Review niche related books you have read.
  • Allow others to guest blog on your blog.
  • Check out answer sites to see what questions people are asking about your niche.
  • Stay up to date with industry news.
  • Ask your readers what content they would like to see on your blog.

All of these should give you plenty of ideas for the content you will be creating on your blog, so get started now and develop your content strategy, you will be so glad you did.


Creating Multiple Streams of Income – My Secret Sauce

Today I am going to give you the secret ingredient to my hugely successful home based business, creating multiple streams of income.

Its my secret sauce, but trust me, it’s really no secret at all.

I could say that my success is solely based around hard work, motivation and dedication and I wouldn’t be lying but the one thing that has helped me get to where I am is the many revenue streams I have created over the years.

You will probably hear me say this many times in this blog, so might as well pay attention and learn it now.

In my opinion, you must create multiple streams of income or your business will be vulnerable to collapse.

Now if you were operating a brick and mortar business, lets say you were a propane distributor who sold propane and propane accessories, you could probably get by with just your propane and accessory sales.

multiple streams of income


But, we are not a brick and mortar business and we must do things a little different to survive.

Remember in the Will Smith movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, when Will was standing by the fence talking to his son and he said the famous quote: “You Have A Dream, Protect It”

The same holds true for our home based internet marketing business, we have to protect it by not putting all of our eggs in one basket.

Generating traffic is another part of our business that we will need to diversify but we will save that for a future post.

Working from home and being my own boss has always been one of my dreams

I am living that dream and I cannot imagine going back into the working world now that I have tasted my new lifestyle.

I use my multiple streams of income as an extra layer of protection and security to ensure that I never have to go back.

But I didn’t start off creating multiple streams of income.

I started off with my eBay business and after about a year I had my business on auto-pilot which let me begin searching for a second income stream.

This is where I made many mistakes.

At this point I had a steady income from my eBay business and was still working my full-time job as a warehouse supervisor which paid very well.

I began searching for “make money from home” and “make money online” training and came up with thousands of those to good to be true systems.

I actually invested in a couple of them and spent a lot of time trying to implement to money-making techniques.

These all turned out to be a complete waste of time and money.

I learned quickly that if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

I figured I spent about $2,000 over those couple of months.

I could have gotten discouraged and quit searching for additional revenue streams but I used these to motivate me to find a better system.

I continued searching everyday and one day I found a video on YouTube that really caught my attention.

The video was a new affiliate marketing training course by a guy who had never produced a training program before.

I decided to purchase the course for $47 and devoted every second I wasn’t at work or working on my eBay business to learning affiliate marketing.

That was 3 years ago and to this day I am not an expert on affiliate marketing but I have had $10K months and experienced my first 6 figure year in 2013 thanks to a combination of eBay and affiliate marketing.

Since I added affiliate marketing as my second revenue stream I have started to phase out eBay and have began to add several other new revenue streams.

Here are my current income streams:

  • eBay/ Amazon sales – very small part of my income portfolio
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Liquidation/ Surplus Sales
  • Rental Property
  • Investments

That really looks like a lot and it really is but that is the way I am.

I always have to stay busy and I am always looking for ways to make money and ensure that my family will be secure no matter what the economy is doing.

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

If I had to start over, basically if I was in your shoes and I was working a full time job, or was unemployed and was looking for a way in which I could start a profitable work from home business that consists of multiple income streams, I would take these steps.

1. Start with one stream of income, preferably something that is easy to succeed at.

Try and find the low hanging fruit that you can quickly grow to cover your living expenses.

Once you have reached a level where you have your living expenses covered, you will not only have the confidence to take bigger risks but you will be able to work on some of the long term business opportunities that will make it possible to truly achieve great wealth from home.

2. Add a second income stream – this time target something a little harder but work on adding a stream of residual income.

Residual income is the most powerful type of income you can add and the one that I spend the majority of my time working on.

Residual income, such as network or some affiliate marketing allows you to do the work one time and get paid over and over for that work you did just one time.

Building a website/ blog is the best example I can think of as a source of residual income.

I build a blog, add content, build a few links and if everything goes as planned, I will have a steady flow of visitors and buyers coming to my site to buy the products I am promoting.

Depending on the products I have chosen, the sales could last for weeks, months or even years to come.

3. Lock down your first two income streams before moving on to a third stream, perfect what you have done, solidify your results so they will be there for a long time to come.

4. Add another income stream and perfect it.

5. Each step of the way, spend the time and put in the effort to ensure you will see positive results.

Multiple Streams of Income

The key is to not get overwhelmed and do not rush your results.

My first income stream was easy, selling on eBay, finding items to sell and listing them for sale came easy for me.

I read several eBay related books which added skills to lower my costs and increase my revenue.

My second revenue stream was not so easy, it has taken me 3 years and I am still not an expert on affiliate marketing but I have put in the time and effort to ensure my success.

I will talk more about my many income streams throughout this blog, you will learn everything I know about making money from home if you stay tuned to my posts.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hope you are excited that someone is finally giving you a success blueprint that is easy to understand and follow and hopefully you will soon begin your journey to creating multiple streams of income to your life so you can live the life you have always dreamed of.