Wake Up Now Scam – Truth Exposed!

I have been hard at work lately digging up information on Wakeupnow because like you I wanted to find out if Wakeupnow is a scam.

So today, I wanted to release the results of my research and let you know if we do have a Wake Up Now scam or legitimate network marketing opportunity.

All we really want to know is the honest truth behind the company and if they really do help you save, manage and make more money.

Trust me, you’re not alone, in fact over 21,000 searches are done in Google each month for Wake Up Now scam, 21,000!

That’s a lot of people who are probably considering joining the company and just want to get another opinion before they pull the trigger and join.

If this is you, you’re in luck because by the time you finish reading this post, you will know for sure whether Wakeupnow can help you improve your financial situation and help you gain the prosperity and freedom that we all deserve.

Wake Up Now Scam – What Is WakeUpNow?

I will not spend a lot of time talking about what is wakeupnow because honestly you probably already know, everything you need to know about the company’s background can be found on the official wakeupnow site.

Wakeupnow was founded on a simple vision to provide products and services that allowed people to save, manage and make more money and at the same time provide a financial vehicle that their promoters can use to create life changing income.

Wakeupnow offers their subscribers access to the wakeupnow marketplace hub where you can access all of the wakeupnow products and services depending on which level you are subscribed to.

There are 4 subscription levels, your level will determine what access you have to their products.

Here are the membership levels:

Silver membership: $24.95 per month

Access to the marketplace hub, protect services and local and grocery coupons

Gold membership: $64.95 per month

Access to silver membership services plus corporate discounts, taxbot, vacation club and newstand

Platinum membership: $99.95 per month

Access to gold membership services plus language software

Explore Pack membership: $149.95 per month

Access to platinum membership services plus WUN MD and the WUN personal assistant.

They offer products and services including:

  • Awaken – a line of natural energy drinks infused with antioxidant packed super fruits and vitamins.
  • WUN Vacation Club – access to wholesale pricing on hotels, timeshares and cruises all around the world and a concierge who will do all the research and make all the arrangements for you.
  • Tax Bot – a mobile app that is designed to help you save thousands on your taxes, with GPS to track your mileage, receipt capture and many other features, this is one of the best services in my opinion of wakeupnow.
  • WUNProtect – help prevent cyber crime from happening to you with identity theft protection by Invisus.
  • Language Training – learn a new language
  • Grocery Discounts
  • Wake Up Now Finance – provides you with a plan to eliminate your debt.
  • Cell Phone Discounts
  • WakeUpNow Free
  • Car Rental Discounts
  • Newstand – Get 3 magazine subscriptions each month
  • WUN MD
  • WUN personal assistant

There will soon be an option for you to pick and choose your services a la carte, so you can build your own membership.

wake up now scam

How Do You Earn Money With Wakeupnow?

The idea behind making money with wakeupnow is to refer others to sign up for one of the month memberships on a recurring monthly basis.

At first you goal is to become qualified to receive commissions, which means you must have $90 in personal volume each month.

This is a slick way to encourage you to sign up for the platinum package which is $99.95 per month.

Then refer 3 people to the same level you are at so that the cost of your monthly fee will be covered with the commission you earn.

Once you have your 3 people, you will be essentially breaking even, any additional referrals who sign up will result in a profit each month.

They all also have their 600 club which is basically you getting 12 people in at the platinum level.

Once you have these people signed up you would earn $600 per month in commission.

Simple enough right, well that is where things really get tricky with wakeupnow.

Once you get past the IBO stage, or individual business owner, you get into all these crazy ranks, director 1,2,3 founder 3-7, executive, pearl, ruby, emerald, diamond.

It is all based on volume and how many people you have signed up on your team.

There are plenty of Wake Up Now reviews out there that will explain what all of this crap means but to help me better explain how much money you can actually make with wakeupnow take a look at their 2013 income disclosure. (You can see it for yourself here, wake up now income disclosure)


Notice the most shocking thing on this disclosure, less than 1% make it to the Founder 4 level so that means that roughly 99% only make it to the Founder 3 level or less which has an average annual income of just $7,605.13.

What the @$&*, really 99% make $7,605.13 per year or less!!!

I had heard so many good things about wakeupnow, so I go out and read all these wake up now reviews who praise the company and tell you what a awesome business opportunity this is, then to see this.

I would say shocked is an understatement.

This doesn’t make me think of financial freedom, living life on my terms and all of the other reasons that people get involved in network marketing think about when they are looking to join the wake up now mlm.

I could understand these low numbers if the company was brand new and no one knew it was out there yet but this company has been around since 2009 and we are about to enter 2015, that’s a long time to not have more people breaking through and reaching the higher ranks.

Really makes you think doesn’t it, we know there are thousands of people out there who are involved with wakeupnow and this income disclosure only represents “qualified” individual business owners, $90 PV per month minimum, so where does all this money go.

I was skeptical about the company before seeing the income disclosure but I believe seeing that opened my eyes to other facts I had been overlooking before.

The company CEO Kirby Cochran recently stepped down and was replaced by the COO Phil Polich.

The company has lost most every year since 2009, a lot of money, deficits of $10,401,439 were reported in the 2013 WUN disclosure statement.

The company also leads to the fact that they will have to shut down if they do not either get additional financing or increase revenue.

We all know that people get into network marketing companies for the long term, you build you business over time into something that could potentially reward you for the rest of your life, why would you build the foundation of your future with a company that is not only losing a lot of money but is even talking about shutting down?

Still thinking of joing wakeupnow?

I didn’t think so!

So what now, you are wanting to join a legitimate network marketing company and finally start making the income you deserve right?

Trust me there are plenty of good network marketing companies out there who offer in demand products and services and who have a solid foundation.

You need to continue doing exactly what you are doing now, research as much as you can, dig into the income disclosure, compensation plans and any other information you can get your hands on, it will pay off in the long run.

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