What Most Visalus Reviews Don’t Tell You

How many Visalus reviews have you read before you found mine?

My guess is a lot, but yet you are still searching for more information.

Funny how that works, hundreds of Visalus reviews and not one of them gives you the information that you actually need.

This is very typical with network marketing companies, 99% of these “so-called” reviews are written by their reps in an attempt to convince you how great their company is and why you should join.

Well that’s about to change, you have found one of the few honest and unbiased Visalus reviews on the internet.

I can say that because I am in no way affiliated with Visalus and do not stand to gain anything if you decide to join or not.

Recently I was looking into joining Visalus myself, because I wanted to know does Visalus really work but like you wanted to read what other people had to say about the products and the company before making my decision.

I never found all the information I needed so I moved on and ended up joining another network marketing company which is absolutely exploding right now and am so glad I did.

I have sense uncovered the missing information I was looking for, better late than never, but I wanted to share it with you here today so that your search for an honest Visalus review will not dead-end like mine.

Just to be clear, I am not writing this to convince you to join my opportunity, in fact you will hear no mention that company, and I am definietly not here to trash Visalus.

They obviously are a solid company with a very popular product line or they would not have grown to the size they are today.

In fact, just search for Visalus Better Business Bureau and you will see they have an impressive A+ rating, not bad.

What I am here to do is share the facts, good or bad, to help you make the best decision for you.

If you decide to join Visalus or not is going to be 100% your choice and will not come by me twisting your arm with words here today.

So lets move on and jump right into this Visalus review.

visalus reviews


Visalus Reviews

When you do a search for Visalus reviews in any search engine, you will find a ton of results that will list the history of the company, the product lines and the compensation plan.

This is all basic information that can be found directly from the company website so no need to waste your time filling this page with more basic information that can be found everywhere.

I am going to focus on the information that you will not find on the Visalus website or in any of the Visalus reviews currently published instead.

This is all the information I was searching for when I was looking into joining Visalus but could never find.

Hopefully by the end of this post you will at least know what you are getting into and will be able to make your decision with all the facts.

What Visalus Doesn’t Tell You

When you sign up for Visalus, like many other network marketing companies, you are told to contact everyone you know and tell them about the exciting opportunity and why they should join you.

This is only a good strategy if you have been using the products for some time and have already seen positive results.

For most people who join Visalus, or any other company, they pay their promoter fees, order some product and before the product arrives, they are already marketing the opportunity to the people they know.

This is a terrible strategy and one I wish network marketing sponsors would quit telling their down-line to do.

What you should do is, order the products, try them out, get results and then you will have a personal success story you can use as your marketing angle when presenting to your friends and family.

Everyone is a skeptic when it comes to weight loss products, so having results they can see is the best way to build trust for a product.

In fact, once you start losing weight and people notice the changes in you, they will ask you what you are doing and how they can get involved.

This to me, is a much better way to market any type of weight loss product because instead of you chasing down leads, they will come to you and beat your door down so they can have what you have.

Think about it, Visalus products are not cheap, they are actually several times more than the products most people pick up at their local grocery store or nutrition center so having results they can see is the best way to convince them that it is worth it to pay extra for your products.

Ok so now that I got that out there, let’s dive into some facts about Visalus that you need to know.

Facts About Visalus

When I was researching the company I found that Visalus was started in 1997 by Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen, the company went through some major struggles in the beginning but was brought back to life when a former gang member, Ryan Blair took over 75% of the company.

Gang members leading your company, um ok, that’s not scary!

However, Visalus does have an A+ rating with the BBB, despite having 164 complaints in the last 3 years.

I also really wanted to dive into the ingredients in the products, so after extensive research I discovered that Visalus shakes actually stack up pretty well when compared to many of their competitors, however their shakes do contain the artificial sugar substitute, Sucralose, most often called Splenda, which has many negative side effects, check out this article on is splenda really safe.

To me, after reading everything I have on Splenda, asking my friends and family to drink the Visalus shakes is not something I would want to do.

What Are Others Saying About Visalus

Positive Review

Negative Review

Hopefully you watched both videos, funny how one person only talks about the money they are making and the other talks about the health concerns that she noticed when she used the products.

Makes you think doesn’t it, is it really worth making a lot of money if the products potentially could make you, your friends and family and all those who you recommend the products too sick.

Now I do not know if the products actually cause any negative side effects as I have never personally taken them but the first video is the one I watched that got me so excited about joining the company, but something told me to keep looking and I found the second video which inspired me to keep looking and find something else.

Watch both before making a decision on whether or not to join Visalus.


Visalus Reviews: In Closing

The final thing I really wanted to dive into in this Visalus Review is the compensation plan.

While it looks good and very competitive on the surface, do not be fooled by the many bonus programs offered by Visalus, including the Bimmer club, which rewards you with a new BMW when you reach the regional director position.

To get to the regional director position with Visalus, you must do $12,500 per month in team sales, this is not very hard to achieve when you look at the number of people looking to lose weight and improve the financial strength.

However if you read the fine print, you will discover that Visalus actually pays you $600 a month towards your BMW and if you fail to maintain your sales goals each month, that car payment get paid by you, not the company.

Many people often reach the regional director level rather quickly, some within their first couple months, but as people drop out or stop actively promoting their business, your sales could easily fall below the threshold to continue receiving your free BMW, and how many BMW cars cost less than $600 per month, not many.

Hopefully this Visalus review has given you the information you were looking for and now you have all that you need to decide if joining Visalus is the right choice for you.



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