Top 5 Healthy Foods That Are Preventing Your Fat Loss

Top 5 Healthy Foods That Are Preventing Your Fat Loss

Here are the top 5 healthy foods that are preventing your fat loss, these may surprise you.

While you may believe or have been told that these are all good foods for you, these foods may actually be holding your back from losing fat.

Whole Wheat Bread – this one goes against almost everything you have read about, whole wheat bread is not that much better than white, for best fat loss results, avoid all bread.

Fruit Juice – most fruit juices have added sugars and flavorings to get them to taste good, opt for the natural fruit in the whole form instead of processed fruit juice.

Granola – this one is shocking for most because we have all read and heard of the amazing benefits of granola, yes there are some great benefits but when trying to lose fat, granola actually can hold you back.

Sports Drinks – These types of drinks were designed for high performance athletes who work out each and every day, is this you? If not avoid these types of drinks.

Organic Junk Foods – Do not believe that just because it is “organic” that it is good for you. These include organic candy bars. chips, cookies, energy bars, protein shakes and bar, etc.

top 5 healthy foods that are preventing your fat loss

Top 5 Healthy Foods That Are Preventing Your Fat Loss

When trying to lose fat, it is best to stick with the all natural forms of the foods you know are good for you including meats, fruits and vegetables.

If you can stick to these three in their natural forms, not heavily cooked or fried, you will see the fat begin to melt off your body.

But do not think that you will not be able to have these foods ever again.

No, while you are trying to lose weight and more importantly fat, you should avoid these foods until you get your desired results, then you should add them back in moderation as long as you are maintaining your healthy eating and exercise plan.

There are several more foods that most people believe are healthy that really should be avoided to achieve the fat loss results they desire.

The Fat Loss Factor has a complete list of deceptive foods that hold a lot of people back from getting the fat off, you should check it out.

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