Top 10 Reasons Why People Do Not Visit Your Blog

Have you ever asked yourself why your are not getting any traffic to your blog?

You have worked hard to get it up and running, put in long hours creating killer content and even shared your best stuff on social media but yet no one comes.

Sadly you are not alone, in fact there are millions of blogs and websites that have more tumbleweeds than visitors, but why?

There are many possible reasons you are not getting any traffic to your blog but you will be glad to hear that getting blog traffic and turning things around is really not that difficult if you avoid these top 10 reasons why people do not visit your blog.

So here are 10 possible reasons you are not getting any traffic to your blog and what you need to do to increase blog traffic.

top 10 reasons people do not visit your blog


Top 10 Reasons Why People Do Not Visit Your Blog

1. You are new to blogging

Most new bloggers that I meet do not understand the patience that is required when you are first getting started online as well as how to drive traffic to your blog.

If you are just starting a brand new blog, you can expect there to be a period of as little as a couple of months to over a year before you begin to see any significant traffic to your site depending on your niche, how often you update your site, the back links you build and how well you write your content.

Think of your blog as a brick wall, you will have to lay each brick one at a time but each brick that you lay gets you one step closer to the finish line which in this case is a popular and profitable blog thriving with traffic.

I remember reading an article by Darren Rowse, founder and author of that he typically begins to see a spike in traffic to his blogs in 12-18 months and he is one of the top bloggers in the world.

I have built blogs that got well over 1,000 visitors a day in less than 6 months and have built others that 12 months later do not get more than 100 visitors a day, the point is blogging is a marathon and not a sprint, you are building a long-term asset that can reward you for many years to come, expect delays but keep moving forward.

2. You do not update your blog often enough

I see this all too often, blogger start a blog and go crazy updating it with fresh content for about 2 weeks then begin to fade to once a week, once a month to whenever they have time.

The best blogs out there are updated everyday at least once with fresh new content.

Getting more blog traffic is something that will come only when you increase the frequency in which you publish new content.

This means you establish a blogging schedule and stick to it rain, snow or shine.

WordPress has a cool feature where you can schedule your blog posts to publish when you want them to so if you can only blog on the weekends, that’s fine, write your posts when you can and schedule them to publish throughout the week.

3. Your content stinks

Have you ever read a blog post and been bored out of your mind and couldn’t wait to hit the back button to find anything else to read?

Don’t be that guy, if people find your content boring or irrelevant they will quickly leave your site and find someone else to give them the information they are searching for.

Have other people who will give you an honest opinion read your content and give you feedback.

4. Your headlines do not grab attention

One of the best ways to get people to click on your blog post listing is to use attention grabbing headlines that make people want to see what you have to say.

A great headline in a lower position on page one can easily get more clicks than the number one ranking if you have an awesome title which will easily increase blog traffic to your site.

Remember that the title you chose for your blog posts will show up when your content is shared on social media as well and a catchy title can easily get you more traffic than a boring one.

5. Your search engine optimization needs work

In order for the search engines to send traffic to your blog you will need to optimize your blog and your content the way they want to see it.

Having an understanding of basic on page and off page SEO is critical to your success as a blogger and will ultimately decide if your blog is a hero or a zero.

If you don’t know SEO, you need to start learning today.

6. Your niche is too broad or you picked the wrong niche

Choosing the right niche plays a huge role in how much traffic you can expect to receive from your blog.

Most people chose to enter a niche that is either way to competitive or does not get enough searches.

If your niche is say, weight loss, which is way too broad and way too competitive,  you will want to narrow that down and focus on a specific section in the weight loss niche like weight loss for diabetics or something like weight loss after 40.

You could be on the opposite side of the spectrum and have chosen a niche that does not get enough traffic like underwater basket weaving.

If this describes your situation you would want to go just a little broader until you find a niche that gets a descent amount of traffic but not so broad that you get into too much competition.

7. You are not engaging with others in your niche

Engaging and interacting with other bloggers in your niche is a great way to increase blog traffic and give yourself the exposure you need to be viewed as an authority in your niche as well as increasing the love you receive from the search engines.

You can do this in many ways including writing guest posts for other blogs, leaving blog comments or arranging reciprocal linking between blogs.

Many people shy away from this because they feel that by doing so you will be strengthening your competition’s blog but the reality is that if you have chosen the right niche, there is plenty of traffic to go around and one the keys to increase blog traffic is being everywhere that your potential customers are.

8. You are not promoting your blog’s content

When you are first getting a new blog off the ground you will need to focus on promoting your blog’s content just as much if not more than you focus on creating great content.

Once your blog is established you will have regular readers sharing your content with their social media followings which will help you in promoting your content but until you get to that point you will be responsible for getting the word out and attracting traffic back to read your killer content.

The idea here is to be everywhere that your potential readers and customers are including social media, video sharing sites, article sites, forums, chat rooms and a whole host of other platforms where your target audience is hanging out.

The old “if you build it they will come” does still apply here with blogging but you do not want to wait months or years for them to come, start today and promote every new blog post you publish as well as some of your older content.

Still wondering what are the best ways to promote your blog? Check out this post by my favorite traffic generation blogger, Ana Hoffman from, How To Promote Your Blog.

9. You are not building a list

Almost every blogging for beginners training course I have ever seen starts off by telling you that you need to be building a list or the money is in the list and you know what, they are right.

That should ultimately be the goal of every blogger, to build a massive list of email subscribers then over time build a strong relationship with them.

You can notify your email list every time you publish new content which will be a great way to get some consistent traffic flowing to your blog each and every week and once you have the trust of your email subscribers, you can market your products and services to them or recommend products to them that you receive affiliate commissions from.

Either way, building an email list is critical to your blog’s success and will play a huge in the amount of traffic your blog receives.

10. Your blogs design turns people off

Have you ever been to a blog that was loaded with banners and other advertisements all over the page or the blog didn’t have a good navigation system in place so that you could find what you are looking for?

I hate that and will often click that back button as fast as possible.

For me personally I have always liked blogs that had a super clean design with a lot of white space where you could easily find everything you are looking for without having to sift through banner ads and popups.

If your blog’s design is a hot mess, you will be able to tell really quickly by looking at your bounce rate in Google Analytics, if it is, try cleaning up your design and improve your site’s navigation, you will be amazed at how much longer people will stay on your site.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Do Not Visit Your Blog

Traffic is the lifeblood of a blog and it is the one thing that every blog needs to succeed.

You could have the best looking blog in your niche but if the traffic isn’t coming to it, it doesn’t matter.

There are people out there who have paid thousands of dollars on top of the line graphics and design for their blogs but that money is wasted if they do not take the time to learn how to generate and boost blog traffic.

Today you have learned the top 10 reasons why people do not visit your blog, it is up to you to take action on what you have learned and start getting massive results like you dreamed about when you got started online.


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