Top 10 Network Marketing Success Tips

Getting started in network marketing and looking for some network marketing success tips?

Great, you found the right place.

I know you are super excited, as you should be, you are about to embark on a world of unlimited potential where the sky truly is the limit.

Despite what anyone else says, I firmly believe that network marketing is the one business model left that anyone can use to create extraordinary wealth through their efforts and the efforts of those they surround themselves with.


Yes anyone, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you have the opportunity to create a lifestyle for yourself that most people can only dream of, but it’s not going to come easy.

Oh no, I hope you didn’t think it would be.

We all have learned by now that nothing worth having in this world comes easy, so you are going to have to really bust your ass if you want to get over the hump and prove that you are better than the 97% of network marketers who fail to make any type of significant income from their respective company.

I created this post to teach you why most people fail at network marketing then give you the steps you need to be taking if you want to succeed in this business.

Sound good?

Awesome, lets get to it then!

Its really simple to see why so many people fail to find success in network marketing when you think about it.

To keep this post as short as possible I will not elaborate too much on all the reasons why people fail and focus more on how you are going to be different by following these 10 mlm success tips.

So, here are my top reasons why network marketers fail: (in no particular order)

Relying too much on your “warm” market list – nearly every mlm company and almost every sponsor out there will tell you make a list of everyone you know to promote your new business opportunity to.

Look, I am not going to waste to much time on this, this worked liked gangbusters back in the day, but we ain’t back in the day anymore and it takes a different kind of marketer with a different skill set to succeed in this century.

I agree you should make that list, but immediately scratch out any name you know will not be interested and do not waste your time on them, I am going to teach you in a minute how to attract laser targeted prospects to you like a magnet so you will be spending all of your time talking to people who are interested in what you are selling.

So let the tire kickers keep kicking tires on their time not yours, they will drive you to drinking if you try to build your business convincing them why they need to join your business.

mlm success tips

Lack of leads – continuing on with relying too much on your warm market list, for most people their warm market list of names will simply not be enough and soon you will have made it through your list and have no one left to talk to.

It is at this point that most people give up and fail, don’t let this happen to you.

There is an unlimited supply of network marketing leads out there who are looking for exactly what you are promoting, you just need the skill set to attract them to you.

Spend time learning additional online and offline lead generation techniques and you will never run out of people to talk to again.

Your product story stinks – You will be sharing your story of how your company’s awesome products have changed your life to every prospect you come in contact with, if your story stinks, yup you guessed it, your results will stink as well.

Your story should have your prospect ready to whip their credit card out and buy whatever you are selling, if it doesn’t, you might want to work on that.

If you are still working on developing your product story, don’t hesitate to use the success stories of others in your organization when talking with prospects, put the 3 way call to work for you, it is still a very powerful tool.

Your mindset is all wrong – most people have dealt with some sort of failure and disappointment in their lives, if these negatives beliefs carry over into your new network marketing business and you believe you are going to fail before you really get started, guess what, you will probably fail at this too.

You cannot go through life with a negative mindset and you have to believe that success for you is possible.

If this describes you, don’t worry negatives beliefs and low self-confidence affects a lot more people than you may think, heck I doubt myself sometimes, but when I do I always get refocused with this video.

 Not treating your mlm as a real buisness – whether your plans include you working your network marketing business part or full time, you have to treat your mlm business as a real business, because honestly it is a real business.

Think about all of the steps you would take if you were going to open a brick and mortar storefront.

You would spend days, weeks or longer developing a solid business plan, you would make investments that will grow your business, you would set goals and work everyday to achieve those goals.

Remember “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

These are just of few of the reasons why people fail at network marketing, actually way too many to list but this post is not about why people fail its about the steps you can take to ensure you do not.

So lets shift gears and talk about my top 10 network marketing success tips

top 10 network marketing success tips

Top 10 Network Marketing Success Tips

There are so many people publishing network marketing success tips out there its really hard to know what you really should be doing to build a successful mlm business the right way.

Lets cut through all the b.s. and just focus on what is actually working and so you can save yourself a lot of wasted time, headaches and tears.

I have been in this business a long time and have tried just about anything you can imagine to build my network marketing business.

When you are first getting started you need to focus on getting some quick results so you can build momentum and confidence, follow these network marketing success tips and you will be well on your way to building a successful team.

You may have already heard some of these methods before, that’s good, if you are hearing multiple people telling you to do something, do it, they really do work!

1. Set clear and realistic goals – it should come as no surprise that most network marketers do not have clearly defined Smart goals that they are actively pursuing.

SMART goals, what’s that?

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.

The key with setting goals is that you know exactly what you want, why you want to achieve it, and when you want to achieve it by.

This gives your business a purpose and direction so you are not always chasing some invisible finish line, and please be specific, don’t just say “I want to quit my job and make a lot of money”.

You have to know what quitting your job and making “a lot of money” would mean to you so you can not only hear it but you can start to visualize what your life will be like in the future when you start accomplishing your goals.

2. Know Your Why – determining your why is probably the single most important step you can take as a new network marketer. 

Your “why” is the reasons you are doing this in the first place, why do you want to succeed in network marketing, what will it mean to you when you do succeed, how will it change your life.

So your why is to quit your job and live the life you have always dreamed of?

That’s a great why, but what would it mean to you to not have to get up everyday and go to work and make someone else rich?

Remind yourself of your why each and every day, put up pictures of the life you want to live up everywhere if you need to but never lose sight of why you are doing this.

3. Be patient – network marketing is a marathon not a sprint, sure there are those who will tell you they built their thriving business overnight, some have but for the rest of us, success will come through taking consistent action to build our business over time.

Set your goals, know your why, and work your ass off each day to accomplish them, the old saying is true “the best things in life come to those who wait”.

Never stop learning – I have been in this business for a long time now, you would think by now I would know everything but you would be wrong.

This business changes all the time and if you are not taking the time to continue your education, you are being left behind.

There will always be a way to do what you do better and more efficiently but you will never know that if you do not invest the time to learn more than you know now.

I spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day, many times more, studying the top leaders in this industry to see what they are doing.

Pick you a few leaders and study them, see what they are doing to build there businesses, then at least try it out in your business.

I follow top leaders like Ray Higdon, Dave Wood, Mark Hoverson and Justice Eagan to name a few, they give away more network marketing advice and tips to success for free than most products you would pay for.

4. Pick the right company to join – this is a tough one and decision I cannot make for you.

It seems that everyone out there is telling you that their company is one of the best mlm companies to join but they cannot all be the best and it is up to you to do your due diligence and figure out what company is the best fit for you, not which company is the best on paper.

I will tell you from experience that the company you join can have a huge impact on your overall results.

Sure you could make money with just about any company out there, but if you are looking for long term results, you have to pick a company with products that you truly believe in and has a compensation plan that will reward you for your results.

I recommend you spend time really checking out the company before you join, read their policies and procedures, check out the compensation plan, try the products first before you join then see what others are saying about the company.

Once you have all of this information, you will need to make a decision if this is the right company for you because you do not want to be the network marketer who jumps from company to company.

It sucks to start over from scratch with a new company, it happens but you want to pick a company who you feel will be around for a long time and will reward you the rest of your life.

5. Believe in the products – this means you personally have used the products to achieve what they were created to do.

There are so many different network marketing companies out there who offer tons of different types of products.

You really have to ask yourself if the products would stand alone if not attached to a business opportunity, if you answered yes, then you have a good product, if no, you should avoid like the plaque.

Using and believing in the products you represent will go a long way when you are presenting them to your prospects as they will be able to tell if you are sharing something you feel will truly provide benefit to them or if you are just trying to sell them to make some quick cash.

Lastly on the products, ask yourself is there enough demand for company’s products that would create an opportunity that will allow you to achieve the goals and dreams you have set.

I saw a network marketing company not too long ago who’s main product line was gourmet pasta, really?

I really do not see anyone achieving the lifestyle they dream of promoting overpriced pasta, so really think about the company you join and the products they offer.

6. Trying to do it all by yourself – look, you alone can do some amazing things, I don’t even know you but I know you are awesome, but you alone will never create the kind of lifestyle you dream about.

Network marketing is a team sport and you will need build and develop a strong team of distributors under you that can duplicate your awesomeness.

You will also need to focus on using leverage in your network marketing business to save you time and get you back to enjoying your life and spending time with those you love.

You can leverage other people’s success by using their success stories when talking to prospects, you can leverage other people’s products and training if you need to and you can even leverage other people’s time.

Think about all the time consuming tasks that you do each and everyday, now think about how much more time you would have if you had someone else do them for you.

There is a cool little site called where people will do just about anything you want them to do for just $5 per task, need a business logo, how about a creative flyer, whatever tasks are eating up your time, you can outsource to someone else so you can pick and chose what you want to focus your time on so you are not doing everything by yourself.

7. Lead with value – the best leaders in this industry know that people join people not companies, so if you want people to join you, you have to attract them to you by providing them with something that adds value to their lives.

Whether the value you lead with is free training, valuable content, inspirational audios or videos, whatever you think will add value to your prospects lives.

8. Build relationships before you begin selling – everyone is sold to on a daily basis, frankly they have become immune to all the sales tactics and tricks people try to use to convince them to buy this or that.

You cannot expect to sell anyone to anyone without first taking the time to earn their trust, respect and build a strong relationship.

You do this through leading with value and showing them that you care enough to take the time to provide them with valuable training and content that will help grow their business even if they never buy anything from you.

9. Be where your prospects hangout – remember when I said that people rely way too much on their warm market list of names, success today requires that you are everywhere your prospects are hanging out.

This means plugging into the power of the internet, social media, forums, YouTube and other places to attract leads back to your business.

I know for a lot of people, using the internet to build a network marketing business is still a scary concept, but it doesn’t have to be, setting up a blog is easier than ever and the cool part is you can learn as you go and you do not have to be perfect to get amazing results.

I feel that creating your own personal blog is the absolute best way to drive endless leads into your business because it is basically free and you get to brand yourself as an authority in your company.

Want to start your own blog, you have come to the right place, I will soon be adding training on this site for how to create your own mlm blog and how to use it to attract targeted leads who are ready to whip out their credit cards and buy whatever you are selling.

Just take a look around this site and you will find everything you need to know about how to be everywhere your prospects are and how to attract leads into your business.

I believe that attraction marketing is the best way to build any network marketing business because it takes the traditional network marketing approach which is downright scuzzy and flips it around so that instead of you chasing down leads everyday, they begin to chase and hunt you down, doesn’t that sound like a much better way to do business.

10. Be yourself and have fun – there are so many people out there who will tell you to do this or do that and that is fine but first and foremost you want to have fun and be you.

After all if you wanted to live your life by someone else’s rules and live by someone else’s schedule you could always go out and get a job, but you probably already have one of those.

Network marketing can give you something that everyone wants, FREEDOM, freedom from a job, a boss and the freedom to live life on your terms, the way you want to so live it up enjoy the ride and have some fun while you are doing it.

People are attracted to people who are fun to be around, are you that fun person, if not you need to be.

network marketing success tips

Top 10 Network Marketing Success Tips

So there you have it, my epic post on my top 10 network marketing success tips.

Sure there are other mlm success tips that I could have listed but I feel that these are exactly what you need to focusing on in the beginning to get some positive traction in your new business.

So I will leave you by saying this, one of my favorite quotes from Eric Thomas “those who think they can and those who think they can’t, are both usually right”.

So please, believe in yourself because you can do this, you are good enough and you will be successful, I don’t even know you and I know you have everything you need to have a long and prosperous network marketing career, hell you made it through this nearly 3,000 word blog post and I know how painful that must have been 🙂

Man, my fingers hurt from all this typing but if this blog post helps just one other person get off to a great start in their new network marketing business then it was all worth it.

Bookmark and share this page with your friends and followers if you found it helpful and don’t think I am stopping here with my top 10 network marketing success tips, oh no come back often as I will be adding fresh new helpful tricks, network marketing tips and mlm success strategies each and every week.

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