Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels – Overcome Any Obstacle You Face!

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels 

One of the best ways to get inspired and motivated is through watching YouTube motivation videos.

There is something that happens when we see and hear a motivational speech that not only gets us excited but also creates an image of success for us to follow.

We have seen it at least a hundred times in popular football movies, one team is losing at halftime and their coach comes in and delivers an epic motivating speech to his team which pumps them up and they go on to comeback and win the game.

When you see similar situations happen in real life you ask yourself “what changed”, words are just words and do not typically increase your skill level or make you a better player in the game so how does a motivating speech inspire teams to perform at extraordinary levels?

The point of motivational speeches is to awaken the will to fight to inside of you and make you believe that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.

When you have this feeling, anything is possible and your imagination begins to race from idea to idea of what you could accomplish, what your life could be like.

It is this sudden rush of imagination and energy that helps those who may have given up on their dreams, begin to dream again, to stop counting the costs and envision themselves succeeding again.

For many people seeing motivational speeches from people who have overcome many obstacles in order to find success, it helps give those who are in similar situations the belief that it is possible for them too, sometimes just knowing something is possible is all that it takes.

Think about Roger Bannister, before April 1954, it was common belief that man could not run a mile in under 4 minutes, hundreds had tried and failed before but In April 1954, Roger Bannister ran the world’s first documented sub 4 minute mile which proved that it could be done.

Since then tens of thousands of people have ran the mile in under 4 minutes, the only thing that changed was Bannister created the belief that it was possible.

The power of these YouTube motivational videos have touched millions of people’s lives throughout the world including my own and when I am feeling down or feel like I am not moving forward towards accomplishing my goals, I always know where to go to get the inspiration I need to keep going.

Below you will find the best motivational YouTube channels in my opinion, there are several more that could have made the list and I may change it as I discover new channels but for now, here are my favorite 10 channels for inspiration and motivation.

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels

Here are the best motivational YouTube channels (in my opinion):

MotivationGrid – with over 46 million views, MotivationGrid is one of the top YouTube motivation channels.

Started with the simple mission to motivate you and give you that little push you need to go after your dreams, MotivationGrid has inspired millions of people to get through difficult times, step out of their comfort zone and find the champion inside all of us.

MotivationGrid publishes a new YouTube motivation video on the first day of every month and they typically gets over a million views within days of publishing.

They have a video that will help you just about anything you may be going through, check out all of the YouTube motivation videos from MotivationGrid here.

Absolute Motivation – another great YouTube motivation channel like MotivationGrid who publishes compilations of the greatest speeches of all time by top entertainers, athletes and celebrities.

With a huge list of videos covering a wide range of problems that people face everyday, Absolute Motivation came on the scene in early 2014 and has quickly grown their views to nearly 24 million.

“Absolute Motivation is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through encouraging content with educational value.” YouTube

CT Fletcher – here is a channel that you will not find on many of the top motivational YouTube channels lists floating around the internet but CT Fletcher is one of those people who is as real and raw as they get.

When you listen to most motivational speakers give one of their epic speeches, you begin to hear the same things you have heard time and time again but with CT Fletcher you hear original stories based on his life, his success, his failures and setbacks.

CT Fletcher was once considered the strongest man on the planet, he was the world record holder for several professional weight lifting titles and due to health concerns had his life turned upside down when he was laying on his death bed and flat-lined 3 times.

A man who overcame death, CT Fletcher brings a style of gym motivation that you will not find anywhere else, while many see his massive success and try to imitate him, there is nothing or no one else like CT Fletcher and when you listen to one of his videos it is very clear that he is very passionate about what he does and very passionate about helping others achieve push past what they thought was possible in the gym and in life.

I thought the constant cursing would be a turn off when I watched my first CT motivational video but when I am in the gym, it is CT Flecther who I am listening to and it is him who inspires me to lift more weight and do more reps than I would have before. Check out CT Flecther’s YouTube motivation channel here.

Les Brown – one of the world’s most sought after motivational speakers.

It’s hard to find which of the many Les Brown channels is the official channel of Les himself because so many people know the power of Les to the motivation and inspiration industry and have created channels to feature his powerful motivational speeches.

Les Brown travels the world speaking at large conventions and corporate events to motivate and inspire large groups of people and it is clips from his speeches that you will find used in most of the motivational compilation videos on YouTube.

Les has published several top selling books as well as motivational audio series all designed to help you see your true potential and achieve your goals.

He is a powerful speaker and his name is in every list of best motivational YouTube channels I have ever read.

Be Inspired – is a fairly new channel who just came on the YouTube scene in April 2015 but has quickly grown to well over 14 million views and growing.

Be Inspired publishes some of the most powerful motivational videos on YouTube with clips from famous speakers like Les Brown, CT Fletcher, Will Smith, Eric Thomas, Ray Lewis and many more.

If you are looking for inspiration, Be Inspired is definitely a Youtube motivation channel I would recommend that you check out. See a full list of their videos here.

Eric Thomas – aka ET aka The Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas is one of the most well known voices in the motivation industry.

Known for helping countless youth, students, athletes and millions of people around the world, Eric Thomas has a style that is unlike anyone else you will find on YouTube.

Eric talks with such passion that it makes you believe he is talking to just you and trying to help you get through that roadblock you are facing.

When you listen to most YouTube motivation videos, clips from an Eric Thomas speech is normally included.

I guarantee if you have never listened to an Eric Thomas motivational speech, you are in for a treat and he is honestly one of the best out there and one of my favorites.

Check out all of the videos published by Eric Thomas here.

Mateusz M – Mateusz M publishes some of the most epic YouTube inspirational videos and while he does not publish many videos, it is his videos that are often the most viewed and most shared around the internet.

When you do a search in Google for “best motivational YouTube channels” or “best motivational video ever” and check out some of the results, Mateusz M is typically always in every list you will find.

Many people rip off his videos because they are really that good but he is really all about making the world a better place and spreading the message he is delivering to as many people as possible.

Just to give you an idea of how awesome this guy’s videos are, the video above has almost 40 million views, more than most of the other channels on YouTube combined.

Check out all of the YouTube motivation videos from Mateusz M here.

Soul Pancake – one of the most popular channels on YouTube period.

Soul Pancake publishes videos that will make you think, laugh, and sometimes even cry.

They add new videos every week and with nearly 2 million subscribers, their videos quickly get shared all throughout the internet.

Soul Pancake has been around YouTube since 2008 and in that time has grown to hundreds of videos and well over 230 million views.

You never know what video they will publish next, could be a informational, inspirational or just down right funny.

If you haven’t checked out Soul Pancake yet, I highly recommend that you do, see their videos here.

Mulligan Brothers Motivation – Mulligan Brothers has been around since 2013 but has not taken off like some of the channels mentioned above although they publish top quality motivational videos featuring some of the top names in the industry.

Les Brown, Eric Thomas, CT Fletcher, Ray Lewis and many more top motivational speakers are featured in videos from the Mulligan Brothers.

Their videos are great but hands down my favorite is the CT Fletcher Obsession video, shown above.

You can check out all of the videos from the Mulligan Brothers here.

Chispa Motivation – Another great YouTube motivation channel who publishes powerful inspirational videos that can change your life.

Chispa does a great job of matching the video with the audio and you can tell that a lot of thought went into finding the right video and matching the right motivational speech to it.

Probably the channel with the least amount of views on my list but their videos are truly special and will move you to do more than you ever thought you could.

Check out all of the videos from the Chispa Motivation channel here.

YouTube Motivation

If you have a favorite motivational channel that was not in my list and you would like to have it added, leave me a comment below and I will definitely check it out.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my list of motivational YouTube channels, I hope you found at least one new channel that will provide the inspiration you need to overcome any obstacle you are facing or will help you take the next step to achieving one of your major goals.

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