10 Tips To Cure Insomnia

Did you know that nearly one-third of the world’s population will experience insomnia at some stage of their lives and 5% of those will need medical treatment to help them sleep?

A good night’s sleep is so essential to your overall health and well being but sadly there are way too many people who either do not get enough sleep or need to use sleep aids just to get some rest.

We all know what its like when your not getting enough sleep (here are just a few of the symptoms):

  • Waking up with no energy
  • Irritability and feeling tired throughout the day
  • Difficulty concentrating or lack of mental focus

No one wants to have to depend on sleep aids and medication just to get the rest you need to maintain your well-being, wouldn’t it be so much better if you could make a few simple lifestyle changes to put your insomnia to bed?

Here are 10 tips to cure insomnia, note that I am not a doctor and these steps are in no way medical advice, this are the steps I took to avoid sleep aids and medications and get a good nights sleep every night.

10 Steps To Cure Insomnia

1. Take time to relax before bed
There are several things you can do to relax before it’s time to hit the hay including listening to soft music, reading a book or magazine, doing some slow deep breathing just to name a few.

I would also recommend avoiding eliminating or reducing your use of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine especially several hours before bed time.

2. Establish a bedtime routine
Developing a bedtime routine is a great way to train your body so your body knows it’s time to go to sleep.

Once you are consistent with your routine for several days your body will begin to recognize and remember than you do these things before laying down to sleep.

There are several things you can add to your routine which have been shown to help calm down your body and better prepare you for sleep including limiting your physical activity a few hours before bed time, drinking a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea, and/or taking a hot shower or bath.

3. Set your bedroom up for sleep
The primary purpose of your bedroom is to sleep, not watching tv, eating or whatever else you do in your bedroom before bed that is not sleep related.

Turning your bedroom into your sleep sanctuary is a good way to ensure you are getting the rest your mind and body needs to function at it’s highest level.

There are several things you can do to accomplish this including picking out the perfect mattress, sheets, comforter and pillows then completing your sanctuary with things that make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

4. Clear your mind
It’s easy to get caught up in constantly thinking and worrying about things that happened in your day or things you have going on the next day but these are the things that will keep you tossing and turning all night if you let them.

Simple steps like getting better organized, planning and preparing to do lists or even meals, prepping your work clothes the night before are all easy things you can easily do now to eliminate some of your worry items and free those from your mind.

Just remember that you thinking and worrying about things that have already happened or have not happened yet will most likely not change the outcome of those events.

cure insomnia

Cure Insomnia

5. Essentialism, free up some time for you

Do you often find yourself up and still completing chores around the house right up until time to lay down?

This could be one of the driving factor in the quality of sleep you are getting because you are not taking the time to relax and free your mind.

Look for ways to eliminate some of your daily tasks which will free up more time for you.

Your probably thinking there is no way you can eliminate tasks like washing the dishes, doing laundry or cleaning the house but there are several simple life hacks you can implement into your routine which can drastically the time each task takes.

Using disposable plates and silverware instead of constantly having to wash dishes, wash full loads of clothes a couple days a week instead of several small loads every day, clean as you go around the house so cleaning the house does not take all night, just to name a few.

6. Eat a healthy and balanced diet
The foods we eat and the amount of physical activity we get eat day play a huge role in how our body functions and ultimately the quality of sleep that we receive at night.

Have you ever noticed that when you eat a meal that you know is not good for you for dinner that you do not sleep as well as you do when you have a light healthy meal?

It’s true and if you want your body to function at it’s highest level then you need to fuel your body with plenty of water and a healthy and balanced diet.

Try it for a week or two and see if you do not feel better, have more energy, maybe even lose a few pounds and of course get better quality sleep at night.

7. Don’t try to go to sleep if you are not tired

I have always found that I get the worst sleep when I try and make myself lay down and go to sleep before I am tired.

I’m not kidding, sometimes nearly every time I try I end of tossing and turning for several hours before falling asleep and always wake up feeling tired and sluggish.

Instead of laying down now before I am tired, I will go into another room and read a book or do something else that will relax my body and mind until I begin to feel tired and sleepy.

8. Check your medication’s side effects
If you look through the long list of side effects on most prescription medication you will probably see something about may cause restless sleep or something like that.

It is very common in blood pressure medications and I am sure a lot of others.

If you are experiencing insomnia as a result of a medication your are taking then contact your doctor and let them know, there may be an equally effective alternative which does not have this side effect.

9. Natural Sleep Aids Can Help Too

Did you know that there are natural supplements that you can take which are non-addictive, have virtually no side effects that can help you cure your insomnia and get the rest your body needs to function at it’s highest level?

There are many natural supplements on the market which are designed to help you get better sleep including valerian, chamomile, and melatonin to name a few.

If your have tried all the tips to cure insomnia above and are still having trouble getting enough quality sleep at night then I recommend giving them a try.

10. Eliminate Stress
There are so many negative side effects of stress on your health including causing insomnia.

Having too much stress can keep you up all night, thinking and worrying about what it is your stressing over.

Getting the stress out of your life is a great insomnia cure and it along with the insomnia tips above will help you to sleep like a baby again.

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