Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss and getting healthy seems to be on almost everyone’s to do list but for many people is just to intimidating.

Most people want to lose weight or know they need to but do not know where to begin.

It can get down right frustrating!

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, rest easy knowing that after reading this post you will have several tips for successful weight loss that will help you get started on your weight loss journey.

Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Tips For Successful Weight Loss

The first and in my opinion the most important tip I can share with you is to find your “why”.

You why is more than simply to lose weight, there has to be a reason you want to lose weight.

Here are some of the most common reasons I have found that people want to lose weight and get healthy:

  • Doctor’s orders
  • You want to look and feel sexy
  • You want to be healthy so you can be around as long as possible for those who love and depend on you.
  • To me the person of your dreams
  • To improve your self confidence

Losing weight is just a small step in the process of you reaching your higher goal.

Once you have your why you are ready to establish your weight loss plan of attack.

So how will you stay motivated, trust me you will need a lot of motivation in the beginning.

I have always found it helpful to have a reference or visual of what your weight loss will mean to you when you reach your goal.

Whether that is a picture of someone who has the body size you want to achieve, once you decide what you want, plaster it everywhere to remind you of your goal and to keep you focused.

If there is a specific clothing size you are shooting for, but a pair of jeans in that size and hang them somewhere in the kitchen so when you are going into the pantry or fridge for an unhealthy snack, those jeans will be right in your face telling you “if you want to fit in me, you definitely don’t need that”.

Listen to upbeat motivation music when working out to push yourself to do more than you would normally do in the gym, the harder you push the easier your weight loss be.

Here is my favorite motivational video of all time

Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Here are some general tips for successful weight loss that are practical and super easy to implement into your weight loss plan.

1. Don’t drink your calories, drinks loaded with calories like sodas, energy drinks and alcohol can eat away away at your available calories and add a lot more work for you on the treadmill.

Drink water, then when you get done, drink some more!

2. Exercise is going to play a huge role in you reaching your weight loss goals.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand for weight loss like salt and pepper, if you are trying to lose weight, doing one without the other is just whack!

Losing weight through dieting alone is actually one of the worst things you can do to lose weight, it slows down your metabolism to crawl.

Keep your metabolism high as a kite by ensuring you are getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

“30 minutes of exercise a day keeps the fat away”, I just made that up, I know, corny right!

3. When cooking, seek out healthy swaps for as many of the ingredients as possible.

Small changes in your ingredients can lead to huge changes on the scale.

Limit your use of whole milk, butter, and oils as much as possible.

4. Always be moving, don’t be a rock.

Watching tv and reading books are favorite pass-times for many people but when you sit around you are expending the least amount of energy and in turn burning the fewest calories.

Instead go for a walk or just go outside and do something that requires you to be up and moving around.

5. Try to eat at the same times of the day for all of your meals.

You can condition you body by putting you meals on a daily routine.

This will help with the temptation to snack in between meals because your mind and body know exactly when the next meal will come.

6. Before you eat a meal, try to fill your stomach so you will eat less at meal time.

Drink a glass or two of water, eating an apple or even a couple egg whites are great ways to reduce you portion size at meal time.

This will make you feel fuller much quicker and will help you eat a much smaller food portion, also remember to eat slow, chew your food and enjoy every bite.

7. Put a positive spin on your weight loss plan.

Do not think of junk foods as “bad” or “forbidden”, when you do that, you will be more likely to crave those foods more.

Think of these “forbidden” foods as foods that no longer fit into your healthy lifestyle.

“Get your mind right and the scale will treat you right”, damn they are just coming to me today, 🙂

8. There is no such thing as the best weight loss plan, it is all about finding the best weight loss program for you!

9. The final of my tips for successful weight loss is to plan for obstacles and setbacks.

Let’s face it, making lifestyle changes is tough and not many people can make changes like these and not have at least a few cheats and setbacks.

If you plan for these, you will be able to move past them and refocus your efforts back to your goals quickly.

The key is to not beat your self up or go into a downward spiral and follow cheat days with cheat days, do it, get over it and move forward.

Now you have my top tips for successful weight loss, use any or all of them in developing your new weight loss plan and go out and make it happen, you got this.

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