The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo – Book Review

Book Title – The Alchemist Author – Paulo Coehlo Publication Date – 1988 – first publication Number of Pages – 208 – (167 pages plus bonus material) ISBN – 978-0062315007 Cost on Amazon – $13.59 I first heard of The Alchemist several years ago watching Will Smith motivational speeches on YouTube and knew this was […]

DirectTV vs Dish Network | Best Satellite TV Provider?

Today I will be taking a closer look at DirectTV vs Dish Network to determine which is the best satellite TV provider. You are probably on the fence about which one to go with as there are so many positive and negative reviews for both online. I am just going to shoot straight with you […]

Website Page Load Speed – Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Site

What would a 2 second improvement in your website page load speed mean for your conversions? Think about that for a second before you answer. Your probably thinking “not much” but you couldn’t be more wrong! In fact many reports now show that a 2 second improvement in your site’s page load speed will not […]

Thinking Outside The Box: My Little Known Affiliate Marketing Trick

Most affiliate marketers get lost in the continually growing sea of wannabe super affiliates. This about it. There are literally thousands of people steeping online each and every day. All hoping to strike it big, fire their boss and live the lifestyle. Eventually, they’re all funneled to a handful of the top how-to-courses, programs […]

How To Rank A Website In 2017 and Beyond

Trying to figure out “how to rank a website” is one of the most common struggles for new internet marketers. You have set up your new blog, added some content and …… nothing. Your new blog just sits there with no one coming to see what you have to say. You keep adding new content […]

My Top 5 Must Read Blogs For Internet Marketers

So today I thought I would do something a little different and share my top 5 must read blogs for internet marketers. I feel that it is only right for me to first say a huge Thank You to these top online marketers for the awesome content they provide in each and every one of […]