Thinking Outside The Box: My Little Known Affiliate Marketing Trick

Most affiliate marketers get lost in the continually growing sea of wannabe super affiliates.

This about it.

There are literally thousands of people steeping online each and every day.

All hoping to strike it big, fire their boss and live the lifestyle.

Eventually, they’re all funneled to a handful of the top how-to-courses, programs and solutions.

(Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is one of them)

As you can imagine, this means that nearly everyone you are competing against has learned the exact system as you.

This massive flood of hungry digital entrepreneurs, which continues to grow at an alarming rate, is collectively saturating Google’s search results with the same regurgitated garbage, over and over again.

As we start 2017, it’s not only harder to compete for the attention of your potential buyers …

… but, if you are savvy enough to get in front of them …

… chances are, they have already seen the same b.s. you’re dishing out on your website at least a dozen times already.

It is unbelievably hard to differentiate yourself from the rest …

… to become something above and beyond just another “me too” affiliate.

But, I’ve got good news.

Although it can be hard as hell, it IS possible.

And doing so, building an affiliate marketing business that brings something remarkable to the table – is essential going forward.

Unless, you’re content fighting with hundreds of thousands of others for the same few leftover scraps (aka commissions that haven’t already been scooped up by the big boys), I suggest you switch up your angle of attack right freaking now.

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Thinking Outside The Box

There are several techniques I implement with my affiliate marketing sites that help me to dominate the competition.

Luckily for you, I live in a world of abundance and I’m willing to share one of my most powerful techniques.

My Little Known Affiliate Marketing Trick

I find high quality affiliate offers outside of the well-known affiliate programs (ClickBank, Amazon, JvZoo, Commission Junction, etc.).

In doing so, I am instantly slashing the total number of competitors by anywhere from 50-90%.

I encourage you to do the same.

You might be surprised at the types of products and services out there that you can promote, as an affiliate, that almost nobody knows about.

To find such “hidden” offers, all you need to do is a little investigating.

Head to Google and start cranking out some searches for various subjects, niches, and even products, then add affiliate program to the search query.

For example, just to experiment, I did a Google search for boats + “affiliate program” …

Right away, I found multiple companies that offer fantastic affiliate opportunities and I can guarantee that there are very few people out there building affiliate sites around boats.

Even better, the 2nd listing I looked at paid something like 18% commission for any sale your referred.

The first inflatable boat I clicked on costs $1,300, meaning you’d make $234 for just one sale.

Less competition, higher payouts.

Need I say more?

Take this golden nugget and run with it.

The sky is the limit here.

You can literally promote anything under the sun.

Find something that’s relatively underground and claim your stake as the go-to affiliate within that untapped niche.

Of course, just don’t go bragging about it to your marketing buddies, as it doesn’t take much for word-of-mouth to get out.

The real hardcore super affiliates are making millions doing this same technique.

And that’s exactly why you don’t hear about it in the low priced info-products that all teach you how to promote via JvZoo and Amazon.

Makes sense, right?

I mean why would they sell their best-kept secrets for such a low price and then allow for thousands of students to come and compete with them?

They wouldn’t.

That’s why you have to understand these concepts and then take it upon yourself to connect the dots.

‘Cause trust me, connecting those dot could be worth unlimited amounts of online income.

Stay tuned for many more affiliate marketing tips and tricks coming in 2017.

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