Should You Join Vemma

So you are thinking about taking the plunge and your wondering should you join Vemma?

I am sure after reading a ton of Vemma reviews you are still lost and confused about whether you should join or not.

I am not affiliated with Vemma, so I will give you the same advice I would give anyone who is looking to join a network marketing company.

You should know that this industry has a very low success rate and most people who join do not make the life changing income they dream about when they get started.

However, you should also know that there are some people who make extraordinary amounts of money each and every month.

How much is extraordinary?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars a month!

Now of course, these are extreme cases but if most people are making nothing and some are making hundreds of thousands a month, there has to be a lot of people who are in the middle somewhere.

So what gives?

Why are so many people not making enough money in network marketing to keep going and why are so many failing and giving up?

I honestly feel that it is a combination of a couple reasons:

  • People in general give up way to quickly and do not fully understand that this is a business that takes time, after all what you are potentially creating is a lifelong business that is designed to be built over the course of many years.
  • Lack of proper training, sure there are thousands of training resources out there for network marketing, prospecting, lead generation, blogging, email marketing and the list goes on but there is so much training out there it becomes hard for one person to take it all in, many get lost and confused.
  • Poor up-line support, while this is not the case in all situations, a lot of people do not get the required attention they need when they are beginning mainly because they are not producing results and their up-line is spending all their time on those who are.
  • Bottom line, the odds are stacked against you, often times you are up against other distributors who have been in the business for many years and have an established client and email list that makes it easy for them to jump in a new company and get started right where they left off.

I am sure you are thinking, “with all these hurdles to jump over, how is anyone new going to make it in network marketing”

Honestly, it is a lot easier than you may think, sure there is a lot of work ahead of you but you can succeed by tipping the odds back in your favor.

But before we get to that:

I wanted to make it clear that I am in no way telling you that you should not join Vemma or any other network marketing company and I am definitely not here to promote the opportunity I am involved in, my goal in writing this is to convince you that there is hope for you and your dream of making in this business is still very much alive.

Let me also say that what I am about to reveal to you will not make you rich overnight or that there is going to be no work involved on your part, but if you follow this proven success system, you will see results and you can scale it to whatever level you so desire.

So back to why you came here in the first place, should you join Vemma..

should you join vemma

Should You Join Vemma

So, should you join Vemma?

I honestly think it is best to look at who Vemma is for first and then you can make your decision on if you should join or not.

So who is Vemma for?

Well first, obviously it is for consumers of Vemma products looking to get a discount on the products they are already using, so if you are looking at joining for the discount, then by all means you should join as long as you are ordering more than the cost of the membership.

I am definitely not hear to try to convince you to switch over to a new product line, if you are happy with the products and they are working for you, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

So if you are a consumer, I say go for it and use the discount to save money on your purchases, maybe even share the products with others and earn some cash, win win for you.

Next, let’s look at those who are looking to build a serious business with Vemma.

Like I said I am not affiliated with Vemma so I do not know all of the ins and outs of the company but what I do know is the facts, warning these may shock you:

source: TruthInAdvertising.Org

  • The FTC has received over 140 complaints about the company ranging from being a pyramid scheme to preying on college and high school students.
  • While you can join Vemma for free, in order to become an affiliate for the company and earn commissions and bonuses, you will need to buy a $500 affiliate starter pack and enrol in their auto-ship program by purchasing about $150 a month in product or personally enroll 6 other qualifying customers.
  • Vemma advertises a A+ rating but if you check the BBB for yourself you will see they actually have a C+ rating, see it for yourself, 47 complaints in last 12 months.
  • According to Vemma’s own income disclaimer in 2012, about 75% of their active brand promoters made less than $1,400 per year recruiting others into the business and less than 1% of active distributors for Vemma made more than $100,000.

There are a lot more shocking facts about Vemma that I could have listed but the bottom line is should make it very clear that your money and your time could be spent on other things.


Should You Join Vemma

I actually looked at Vemma as a business opportunity when I was searching for a company to join, because honestly I liked the Verve drinks and typically if the product is good, I can make it work but I personally believe that the odds of success with the Vemma business model are stacked so far against you that there is no way I could join or recommend that you do.

The one fact that sealed my decision in not joining Vemma was their own income disclaimer, 75% of people don’t even make back what they put into the company, to me that is sad and it could lead a lot of people to think Vemma scam when they think of this company.

I honestly do not believe the company is a scam but the Vemma warnings are out there and you should proceed with caution.

So in closing I will say this, you are free to choose to join Vemma or not, totally up to you, but I would recommend that you proceed with caution, there are better opportunities out there, at least that is the way I see it.


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