Isagenix Reviews – Is It Really Worth Your Time?

Isagenix reviews seem to be a dime a dozen these days.

I just got done reading the top 5 reviews of Isagenix and their products and I have to say that there are a lot of mixed opinions on this company.

I know you are searching for an honest Isagenix review, and that is exactly what you will get by the end of this post.

When I thinking about joining a network marketing company, I did a lot of research on Isogenix and have to say that they have a lot of good things going for them, some bad but what mlm doesn’t have some bad.

I ended up going with another opportunity and am absolutely loving it, but I am not here to promote my opportunity, I am here to give you what most Isagenix reviews simply do not, the truth.

isagenix review

What Is Isagenix

This may be the only part of my review that may seem a little but standard because after-all, for some of you this may be the first Isagenix review you have read so it is important to give you a little bit of a background on who this company is and what they have done.

Isagenix is a health and wellness company that was started back in 2002 by Jim & Cathy Coover and John Anderson, not household names but each is very respected in the health supplement and network marketing industries.

Jim Coover – co-founder of Isagenix has more than 30 years experience helping build successful companies in the health and wellness industry.

Kathy Coover – Executive Vice President was named as one of the most influential women in network marketing, she also earned the top money-earner in three separate companies in 1992, she is a very impressive woman.

John Anderson – co-founder and master formulator for Isagenix products has worked with over 600 companies to develop private label supplements, this guy knows his stuff.

All three were retired when they decided to launch Isagenix.

Isagenix has quickly rose to be one of the top of the health and wellness direct selling companies on the market thanks to their high quality products and loyal customer base.

Today Isagenix offers a full line of health and wellness products from meal replacement shakes and bars to performance enhancing supplements.

They have a well established tribe of loyal distributors who help spread the company brand to the masses and a very user friendly company website which helps tell the Isagenix story.

On the surface Isagenix appears to be a great multi level marketing to join if there is such a thing as a “good” multi level marketing company, now for the real truth!

What Most Isagenix Reviews Don’t Tell You

If this is not the first Isagenix review you have read then you have probably already heard about the high quality ingredients used in all Isagenix products.

You have more than likely already heard about all the wonderful health benefits you will receive by using Isogenix products on a regular basis and the high levels of essential vitamins and minerals found in each Isagenix product.

Instead of regurgitating what you could find in any of the hundreds of Isagenix reviews already published online I figured I would shake things up and tell you what you really need to know before you start using Isagenix products or decide to become a distributor for Isagenix.

Let me start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Isagenix, have never been and don’t have any plans on being involved anytime in the future.


There are way to many reasons to list as far as why I would not recommend joining Isagenix or any other network marketing opportunity for that matter.

I will however narrow it down and give you my top 5 reasons why Isagenix is not worth your time and your money for that matter.


Isagenix Products

There is no real proof that I have seen that shows where Isagenix products have any scientific proof that they are any better than any other diet product on the market.

Yes it’s true that many people have had amazing success while using Isagenix products and I am not here to tell you they are bad or lower quality than advertised but what I am saying is you simply do not need it.

Products like Isagenix are for lazy people who do not have the self discipline to loose weight and get healthy on their own by making good food choices and exercising regularly.

The cold hard truth is that loosing weight is not complicated at all, you consume less calories than you burn each day and you will loose weight.

The core of the Isagenix diet is meal replacement shakes, yes they have many other products, but is replacing one or two of your daily meals with a shake a lifestyle that you can sustain for an extended period of time, I am guessing no.

Sure you do well while on the products but the products themselves are not reality and the reality is that the only way you will have long lasting results is through significant lifestyle changes.

The last thing I will add about the products is this, would the products be as popular as they are if there wasn’t a business opportunity attached to them?

What I mean by that is, if you were to walk into a vitamin shoppe or nutrition store and saw a wide range of products on the wall with varying prices and no one there to tell you how great they are and the amazing results you will see, would you still choose Isagenix products over any of the others?

I personally would answer no and the fact that the person who is trying to sell you on Isagenix has a monetary incentive to close the sale doesn’t really sound like what is truly best for you is a top priority.

The Isagenix Business Opportunity

Isagenix is a multi level marketing company which means you have the opportunity to start your own business promoting and selling Isagenix products.

As with all network marketing companies, your success will be determined not only by how much volume you can sell but also how much volume the team you recruit sells.

Most new recruits are lured into the company with dreams of driving fancy cars, taking luxury vacations and cashing huge commission checks but those dreams quickly fade as they realize how hard it really is to push overpriced health products to their friends and family.

I have read many studies that have shown where new network marketers have less than a 4% chance of being successful in their mlm business.

Less than 4%, I am no math wiz but that means that more than 96% of new Isagenix distributors will fail to make money in the Isagenix business opportunity.

With odds like that, it’s no wonder network marketing has such a bad reputation.

You Are Creating Your Own Competition

When you start your Isigenix business you are taught to get as many people as you can signed up under you so you can let them do all the selling while you sit back and collect your commission checks from their sales.

This is one of the major problems with Isagenix as you are creating your own competition with every new distributor you sign up.

To me it really doesn’t make sense because most people build their business selling to people who they already know and who are in their local area.

Why would you want to increase the amount of people who are selling the exact same products as you in your own area?

At first I am sure most people get excited when they sign up their friends and co-workers but then they see their own retail sales start to decline which ultimately leads to less commissions because retail sales always pay more than commissions from your down-line.

There is an alternative to over-saturating your local area with Isagenix reps but unfortunately most Isagenix have no clue how to properly market Isagenix products online.

Most Network Marketers Have No Clue How To Market

When you sign up with Isagenix you are assigned a sponsor who is normally the person who recruited you into the company.

Most sponsors will teach you to market to your friends and family, share Isagenix promotional posts on social media and talk to everyone you come in contact with about Isagenix.

On the surface this seems like a solid marketing approach but most people quickly realize they do not know enough people to market to, their social media friends want to watch stupid videos of cats instead of constantly seeing your Isagenix posts and they are not face to face sales people after-all.

Most people think that Isagenix products will sell themselves when they sign up but they will not, you must constantly hustle to keep sales and signups coming in.

You could however have a real chance of success if you learn how to market Isagenix products online and tap into an unlimited supply of network marketing leads but the odds are your sponsor has no clue how to do this either and you will be on your own to learn how.

Joining Isagenix Does “Not” Make You A Doctor

When you join Isagenix and begin to promote the products to other people you will be bombarded with health related questions that you will have no clue how to answer.

I have worked with a few health related network marketing companies in the past and trust me, most people have some sort of health problem and they will want to know how Isagenix products will affect their condition.

Even if you read all the information Isagenix provides you will not have an answer for most of the health related questions you be asked.

This will lead you to an uncomfortable and unfortunate situation, do you answer with “I don’t know” or do you pre-tend like your a doctor and tell the potential customer what they want to hear in order to make the sale?

I can tell you from experience, when you tell a customer “I don’t know the answer but let me find out for you”, you have lost the sale as customers expect you to have all the answers when they ask.

Sure there will be some that will wait for you to find an answer for them but the majority are impulse buyersand if they don’t buy when you initially present them with the products, they are not going to buy.

The problem with Isagenix and all other health and wellness network marketing companies is most distributors think they are health experts and assume they know the answer to all health related questions, which leads to a lot of false information being spread to customers who end up disappointed with the products when they don’t do what the distributor said they would.

Isagenix Review

I hope that my Isagenix review helped you in making your decision whether or not to join Isagenix and you learned a little bit more about what you will be getting into if you do decide to join.

If you are hell-bent on joining Isagenix, by all means, join and I wish you all the success you deserve.

The reason I wrote this review was to give you a different perspective from all the Isagenix promoter reviews who fill their review with nothing but sunshine and rainbows about the company.

I have been involved with a few network marketing companies and have seen unbelievable success and while the money was great once I finally broke through, I never really believed in the products I was promoting and decided the money wasn’t worth the lies I had to tell to make sales.

If you are considering joining Isagenix just to make money and not because you absolutely love the products, trust me, eventually you hate what you do and everyday will feel like a bad day at work.


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