How To Write Blog Posts Faster

All blogger know that you have to constantly publish new content to your blog or guess what…

Your blog traffic eventually dies …

It sucks but the fact is Google rewards those who gives their users what they want, fresh new relevant content.

If you’re not the one providing this, trust me, someone else is.

So why would you not want to publish as much new content as possible?


Let’s be honest, we all procrastinate at some point, some of us more than others.

We have all these big ideas of what we want to blog about and when it comes time to sit down and actually write that new epic post, this happens:

  • The phone rings
  • Email notifications pop in the background
  • Kids are crying
  • Your favorite show is about to start
  • New message on Facebook
  • Oh yeah, gotta check that website I was thinking about earlier

You get the idea.

Distractions are everywhere around us and if you are like me, you want to tend to all of them but at some point you need to focus on what you are trying to accomplish with your blog and just do the damn thing.

In today’s post I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to stop procrastination dead in its tracks, be more productive and write better and faster blog posts.

How To Write Blog Posts Faster

I remember when a simple 1,500 word blog post took me hours, sometime days to finish.

Typically I average around 55-60 words per minute typing so a 1,500 word blog post should take no more than 30 minutes to type, another 30 for editing, adding images etc.

I knew something had to change to make myself a more productive and efficient blogger.

So after researching and testing several different methods I came up with my own system to write blog posts faster.

Nothing new and ground breaking, just common sense principles when applied to your blog can make you much more efficient and productive.

My 10 step system is actually quite simple:

  1. Plan out next 10-20 blog posts ideas
  2. Keyword research
  3. Research and plan out each post prior to starting post
  4. Find and edit photos before you begin
  5. Outline post
  6. Signout of email and social media
  7. Remove distractions
  8. Music helps
  9. Edit when your done
  10. IFTTT to tackle all your blog syndication

Seems like a lot but trust me, doing all 10 steps will save you a ton of time when you do sit down to write your blog posts.

Now lets take a closer look at each of the steps.

how to write blog posts faster

How To Write Blog Posts Faster

Plan out next 10-20 blog post ideas – this one is simple, keep a running journal of what you want your next 10 or so blog posts to cover.

This way you never run out of blog post ideas and get the dreaded writer’s block.

As I am searching through my favorite phone apps, Flipboard and StubleUpon, I look for inspiration for what I would like to cover on my blog.

If I find something that I want to blog about, I simple write it down or email the article to myself so I can add it to my list.

Sometimes ideas come to me when I am at work, stuck in traffic or wherever else I may be throughout the day, when this happens, write it down, text the idea to yourself so you will not forget later.

Keyword research – Now that you know what you are going to blog about, take a few minutes and select the perfect keywords for your content to target.

This should really only take a few minutes but targeting the wrong keywords could make your epic post a complete waste of time.

I personally use Long Tail Platinum which produces the results I am looking for in seconds and even tells me how difficult it will be to rank for each keyword.

Typically I look for 1 or 2 main keywords to focus my content around then use the built-in LSI keyword generator in SEOPressor to help me with the rest.

Research and plan out each post – now that you know what you are going to blog about and have your target keywords its time to start planning out your post.

If you are already a subject matter expert on your topic that you don’t really need this step but if there is additional information or facts you need to check for your article, then this is the time to do it.

In this step I typically look for specific facts or statistics I can use in my post as well as gathering the sources I will be siting in my content.

Find and edit photos – When your done typing out your blog post, finished with your proof-reading and editing, the last thing you want to do is go out and try to find the perfect photos for your post.

With awesome photo sites like and many others, finding a photo is super easy but you still have to resize it, add any text you want and then compress it before uploading to your blog so you might as well go ahead and do all that before you ever begin typing your post.

I actually like adding my photos to the post as part of my outline, but that’s just me.

Outline post – I have found that this is by far the best way for me to write blog posts faster.

When I get started on a new post, the first thing I do is type a sentence for each topic I want to cover in the post then add my H2, H3 and any photos/videos I will be using in my post.

Once I have my outline, I just expand on each of my topic sentences until I have a complete post.

Seems simple but it works like gangbusters.

I have seen some people who use blog post templates to help them outline their posts and write blog posts faster, I assume this would work too.

write blog posts faster

Turn off email and social media notifications – there is nothing more annoying than getting a good rhythm going then see that little notification box come up in the bottom of the screen letting you know you have a new email or someone you know updated their Facebook status.

As much as you try to ignore it, your mind is telling you that you have to go check it out.

20 minutes later after checking your email, viewing all new updates on your social media accounts and watching a few funny videos on YouTube, you return to your blog post only to find that your rhythm is now gone.

Distraction free work zone – distractions are everywhere around you but the good thing is, most of them have an on/off button.

Put your phone on silent, turn off the tv, go somewhere quite and focus on your post.

If your mind is constantly thinking about all the noise around you then you are more than likely not producing your best work.

Turn on some music – light music is soothing and can free your mind so you can focus on your blog post.

This one is optional but if it helps then go for it.

When I am writing a blog post I always have something playing on low in the background.

Save the post editing for the end – I found that when I wait till the end to do all my proof-reading and editing that I write a lot faster.

When you stop in the middle of a blog post to go back and correct what you have written so far you break whatever momentum you had and getting started again can take some time.

I believe it’s better than to get your blog post typed, spelling and grammatical errors and all then go back to fix them at the end.

Try this and see if it saves you some time like it has for me.

Let IFTTT to all the heavy lifting – if you are doing all of your own blog syndication yourself then you are wasting a lot of valuable time.

IFTTT – if this then that is a blogger best friend and the best part is, it’s FREE!

Not familiar with IFTTT?

Basically it is a free virtual assistant that does what you program it to do by creating applets, use to be called recipes.

Here is basic group of applets I could create to take place every time I publish a new blog post or YouTube video:

  • bookmark new post on Delicious
  • bookmark new post on Buffer
  • bookmark new post on Diigo
  • share link to new post on Facebook
  • tweet my new post link on Twitter
  • update my Blogger blog with a link back to my new post

This is just a small example of what IFTTT can do for you, it can also send you weather reports, record your favorite tv shows, send stock notifications and so much more.

This is by far the best free service I have ever seen, check it out for yourself here.

Here is a short video on what IFTTT can do for you.

Write Blog Posts Faster

I hope that you found my simple how to write blog posts faster system helpful.

My goal in sharing was to help you removed the distractions and get those new blog posts cranking out in record time.

You may not become a speed blogger with my system, I am far from it myself, but if you become more productive than it was all worth it.

If you found this write blog posts faster guide helpful, please share this post with your friends and followers.


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