How To Sell Your Network Marketing Products

Welcome to, join me as I uncover how to sell your network marketing products.

First, lets take a second and paint the picture of what is really going on.

You are most likely a new distributor in your network marketing company or you have been around for a while and have never been able to build any sort of traction with your sales.

You have big dreams of hitting it big so you can provide a better life for your family, or maybe you just want to make a few extra bucks to offset the cost of the products you are buying and using for yourself.

Maybe quit your job, get rid of debt and truly live life on your terms.

Am I close?

Let’s assume I hit the nail on the head and now that I know exactly where you are and want to be, I can custom tailor this post just for you.

So what are you currently doing to get the word out and sell your network marketing products or business opportunity?

This is the response I typically get when I ask people who are struggling to make sales in their network marketing business:

Justin: honestly I am doing everything my company and my up-line sponsor told me to do.

I made my list of everyone in the world I know, I even put people from high school who I haven’t seen for years on their and no one wants to buy my products or join my mlm team.

I am posting on social media all the great things about my products with links to my micro-site and no one is clicking my links and buying my products.

I just don’t know what else I can do, I am working the business for hours each day and not getting any results.

First, stop doing all of those things immediately!

I mean it, stop now!!

Those marketing techniques, if you can even call those techniques, went out with big hair bands in the 80’s.


This is 2016 and things have changed, big time!

The days of 3 way calls, mixers,  hotel meetings and all of the other stone age network marketing shenanigans are like urban legends these days, you got to get with the times and take your game into this century to get to the leads that will ultimately sky-rocket your business.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of awesome success stories from people who did things exactly as you described above but I want you to remember one thing.

This business has a 97+% failure rate!!

So those success stories that inspired you to get started in network marketing account for less than 3% of network marketers.

Kinda like every young kid these days dreaming of becoming a famous athlete or celebrity when they grow up, sure its great that they have big dreams and it’s true that anyone can be anything they want to be but the reality is that just as many, if not more will end up giving up on their child-hood dreams and leading a normal life-like the rest of us.

I did not tell you that to discourage you or make you run from network marketing, just the opposite, I want to teach you how to do network marketing the right way so that you will have success in network marketing for many years to come.

I want that less than 3% success rate to inspire you to push yourself to give this business all that you have and you have to want to success so bad it consumes you.

That may be more than a lot of people are willing to do and that is why the failure rate is so high in this business but I honestly would not tell you that if it wasn’t the absolute truth and what you are really going to have to do in this business to break through, at least in the beginning.

Stop and think about the huge network marketing companies like Avon, Amway, Tupperwear or even Advocare for a minute, been around forever, world-class products, amazing business opportunity and each with hundreds of thousands of active distributors, all competing for new business.

97% of them are probably not even going to make more than it cost to become a distributor through their commissions.

Is that because the companies I listed are bad companies, hell no, in fact each is an amazing company and I have nothing but great things to say about them.

My point is there is so much competition out there, not just other companies but other distributors, that you have to really do something that will separate yourself from the pack and make people want to come to you rather than trying to go after them because trust me, they are sick of being sold to and are immune to any sale pitch you have prepared for them.

You have to be different, you cannot do what everyone else is doing if you want to sell network marketing products successfully.

how to sell your network marketing products

How To Sell Your Network Marketing Products

Many people have turned to the internet and started network marketing blogs where they share their experience with their respective companies and their company’s products.

Marketing your product online is a great way to differentiate yourself from the other distributors who do not take advantage of the power of the internet.

But that is not why I am taking the time to write this for you, anyone can tell you how to sell network marketing products online but is that really how to sell your network marketing products successfully?

Yes and no, yes the internet is huge for network marketers and I strongly urge you to get involved in marketing online if you are not currently doing so, and no it alone is not enough.

I agree the internet is great and will serve as a powerful tool in building your network marketing business, if done right, but your most powerful tool is a lot closer than you think.

I really shouldn’t even be calling it a tool, what you have at your disposal is much more powerful than any tool, it should be called a marketing weapon.

What is this weapon I am referring to that is going to help you sell more of your network marketing products and recruit more people into your mlm business?

You may be surprised to find out that the most powerful weapon you have is YOU!!


Say what?

Your Network Marketing Story

Yes, you and your network marketing story are what is going to attract people to you and into your business.

The blog you create, the social media posts you publish and anything else that you do to spread the word about your story are just vehicles to deliver your message but it is your story that will captivate your audience and inspire them to choose you are their sponsor, as the person they want to buy products from.

Look, believe what I am saying or not, I have seen it all to often, people who do not take the time to develop their product story fail at this business, plain and simple.

They can have the best looking blog on the planet, they can even get more visitors than your blog but if their story does not convert their visitors into paying customers then they are wasting their time.

Even the best network marketing products do not sell themselves all the time, people still want to get to know the person they are buying from since they typically cannot walk into a store, pick up the products, hold them, and read the labels for themselves.

If you network marketing product story is good, then people will not only choose you and buy from you but they will share your story on social media, talk about you amongst their friends and soon you will begin to see the results you have always wanted in this business.

Remember that is this business, people join people not companies, people buy products not because what the products say they can do but because of what you say they have done for you.

How many times have you see a product advertisement and said “yeah right, I doubt it can do all of that” and don’t buy it, but if your friend tells you they bought it and it really does what it says it will do, you rush out to pick one up for yourself.

The same holds true for network marketing products, people buy or don’t buy based on what other people say the products did for them and this is where having a killer product story will separate your from the rest, create your product story and let it do the selling for you.

If you have already began using your company’s products and have seen amazing results, you should have no problem coming up with a great product story, if you are new and have not used the products long enough to develop your story, while you wait, use the success stories of others in your company as your story until you have enough results of your own.

How the products helped you lose weight, gain energy, feel better or however else the products helped you overcome a problem you were facing all become a part of your network marketing success story.

Developing your story will come over time as you use the products, it will be your story that you tell over and over when people notice the positive changes in you and start to ask what you did to achieve your results.

Your story will change as you grow with the product line and the company but it will be your story that will inspire others to want to have what you have.

Letting people see your results and telling them your story to me is by far the best way for how to sell network marketing products successfully, the rest, creating a blog, becoming active on social media is all minor things that anyone can do if they take the time to learn how to do them effectively.

Anyone can sell network marketing products once they learn how to sell a product the right way and develop the proper skill set to do so.

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