How To Never Run Out Of Blog Content Ideas Again

One of the toughest challenges for a blogger is constantly coming up with ideas for great content.

Sometimes it can be harder just coming up with the topic than actually writing the post itself.

I remember when I was first starting my first blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about for about a month then I really struggled with coming up with fresh content ideas.

Somewhere along the way I learned a few tricks that work like gangbusters to get the content creation juices flowing again.

Today I wanted to share those tricks with you so the next time you find yourself struggling to come up with blog content ideas, you can give them a try.

I am sure that when you finish reading this post, you will never run out of blog content ideas again.

develop a content strategy


How To Never Run Out Of Blog Content Ideas Again

Instead of giving you some long list of ways to never run out of blog content ideas again, I thought it would be better to give you the exact methods I personally use to come up with my blog content topics.

After all, the idea is to actually consistently come up with fresh new content right?

Ok, so here is my secret formula.

Develop A Content Strategy

This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make, not taking the time to develop your content strategy.

Developing a content strategy is nothing more than sitting down and planning out your content in advance so that you have a plan for what you will be blogging about.

Sounds simple right?

It is, but most bloggers do not take the time to do this simple step and for this reason they find themselves stuck with no clue what to blog about.

If you know Dave Wood, co-founder of Empower Network and blogging millionaire, then you know that his number 1 core commitment for anyone who is looking to be a successful blogger is to “blog daily”.

Now, for a lot of us, blogging daily is simply not an option with all that we have going on in our lives, I get that and I am not here to tell you to abandon your responsibilities but you do need to have a consistent plan to get fresh content on your blog.

Google loves blogs that are frequently updated and reward them with higher search engine ranking which leads to more traffic.

If you want this Google love then adding fresh content to your blog consistently is a must.

I personally have my content strategy for my blogs set to 3 updates per week, which is very doable especially because I mix up my blog post types to make it easier for me.

You can do this to, when you are developing your content strategy, decide how often you want to update your blog and know that every post does not have to be some epic 2,000 word post.

You can decide to do one long post a week then mix in blog post types like:

  • Case Studies
  • Interviews
  • Top 10 Posts
  • Lists
  • Motivational Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • How To Posts

Hopefully you get the idea but the key takeaway is that you take the time to develop your content strategy and plan out your blog posts in advance so that when it comes time to actually but the pen to the paper you know exactly what you will be blogging about.

One last tip and then we will move on.

Because I know what my next blog topic will be, I can think about and plan that post in my mind before I ever sit down to write it.

So that time you are spending surfing around on your smartphone could be spent researching for your next post.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

You have probably heard this before but because you are here and reading this post, I can only assume that you did not act on it.

Well, you should because this in my opinion is the best way to consistently come up with fresh ideas for blog content.

For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, let me explain.

Reverse engineering simply means that you find out what your competitors are blogging about, then let their content inspire what you blog about.

I am not saying that you should copy what their blog says but read then rewrite their post in your own words.

Surely you can do better than what your competitor did, so your goal should be just that, write the same blog post in your own words but do it better than your competitor.

Remember, it is all about giving helpful content and value to the reader so look for ways that you could improve your competitors article and add more value than they did.

Many times the content that you will find will be just descent but not awesome, your content needs to be awesome so take your time and always strive to publish your best work.

The same holds true for videos too, if your competitor publishes a video to YouTube or anywhere else, watch it and let it inspire your video.

While you are analyzing your competitors blogs and gathering all these great content ideas, there are a couple other things that you should also be looking for:

  • How often are they publishing fresh content?
  • What keywords, key phrases are they using in their content?
  • What is their overall content strategy?
  • What topics do they publish the most content about?
  • Where are they getting their backlinks from?

This is all vital information that you will need to know if you want to save yourself a lot of trial and error and get a leg up on the competition.

Online marketing is very competitive and the ones who make all the money are the ones who are willing to roll their sleeves up and do whatever it takes to succeed, is that you? or are you just going to keep winging it when it comes to your content?

How To Never Run Out Of Blog Content Ideas Again

I honestly feel that once you take the time to develop your content strategy and you learn how to reverse engineer your competitors content that you will be off to the races with producing plenty of kick ass content but if you still need a couple more sources for inspiration, here you go.

  • Review niche related books you have read.
  • Allow others to guest blog on your blog.
  • Check out answer sites to see what questions people are asking about your niche.
  • Stay up to date with industry news.
  • Ask your readers what content they would like to see on your blog.

All of these should give you plenty of ideas for the content you will be creating on your blog, so get started now and develop your content strategy, you will be so glad you did.


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