FBInfluence – Amy Porterfield’s Facebook Influence 2.0

Product Name: FbInfluence aka Facebook Influence 2.0

Product Creator: Amy Porterfield

Official Site: FB Influence 2.0

Price: $97 – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Core System: A complete guide to marketing on Facebook the right way and building your fan base, then turning those fans into paying customers.

fbinfluence 2.0 amy porterfield

So, let me start by asking you a question:

Has your fear of not knowing where to start or how to properly market on Facebook kept you from using Facebook to generate more leads and sales in your business?

Don’t feel bad, you are not alone.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that most people do not market on Facebook for that very same reason.

Its kinda weird when you think about it, most of us have been using Facebook for years to connect with friends, play games, take stupid surveys, kill time, relax and just have fun.

So you would think we would all be experts by now and have no problem transitioning to using Facebook to generate leads and increase sales for our business, right, Wrong!

When we use Facebook for our personal amusement we have no strategy or plan, we just log in and get lost in where-ever we end up going, but when it comes to marketing on Facebook things change a little, ok a lot.

You need to have a tailored strategy that will make you look professional and get you massive results.

Most people simply do not know how to effectively market on Facebook, its a fact, so they do what nearly all marketers do and spam any and every Facebook page they can get on without ever seeing consistent results.

Isn’t time you stopped wasting time chasing leads and sales using the same old spam techniques as everyone else and actually take Facebook serious?

I think you would be amazed at the amount of leads and sales that are waiting for you once you learn how to effectively market on Facebook. How much potential is out there, check out these stats:

Now I want you to think about what your business would be like if you were able to tap into all these potential leads, you could:

  • Automatically create a flood of leads for your product or service.
  • Attract laser target prospects who want to do business with you.
  • Increase your online reputation with testimonials and social proof.
  • Position yourself as a leader and authority in your industry.
  • Grow a community of raving fans around your product or service.
  • Convert your fans into hungry buyers.

I know this all sounds great but how are you going to go from where you are now to learning the skills needed to tap into all these visitors, leads and customers?

You could spend a lot of time studying Facebook marketing, reading everything you can and watching a ton of YouTube training videos which honestly is probably going to confuse you more than you are now or you can follow a proven system that thousands of people just like you have used to get the results you are looking for.

I’ll be honest, for the first few years in my online career I chose to learn on my own through trial and error and a little help here and there from the occasional Facebook marketing ebook or training video but never gained any traction or saw any real results.

Hell, after three years of trying to build a Facebook following on my own, I had less than 100 fans, it was pitiful!

But recently I made the decision to take marketing on Facebook seriously and decided if I wanted to be successful and benefit from all the traffic that goes through Facebook each day, I would need help from someone who has been doing it successfully for years.

After extensive research and I found very few legitimate Facebook marketing training courses, but of the few that I found, the one that stood out to me was FbInfluence 2.0 by Amy Porterfield.

FBInfluence 2.0

FBInfluence 2.0 is considered by many to be the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide.

Inside the system you will learn the right way to build a Facebook fan base and the how to turn those fan into a loyal community around your product or service.

Your fan base is the key to your success on Facebook, once you have your fan base in place you can:

  • Use your fans positive testimonials as social proof
  • Establish yourself as a leader
  • Convert your fans into leads for your business
  • Drive massive amounts of traffic back to your website or blog
  • Grow a thriving community

and of course more leads and sales for your business, after-all people are more likely to buy from someone who has connected with them and has earned their trust and respect.

So how is FbInfluence going to teach you how to be a better Facebook marketer?

You will be taken by the hand by Amy Porterfield herself as she walks you through every aspect of the right way to market on Facebook and how to build a loyal fan base.

The training has a total of 20 videos which are broken out in 4 modules, each video is less than 25 minutes.

The 4 video training modules are:

  1. Laying the foundation – this module consists of 5 videos which introduce you to Facebook marketing and teaches you the ground work for establishing your presence, how to brand your page and well as everything you will need to know to better understand Facebook and your page.
  2. Growing your fan base – ok now that everything is set up, its time to start growing your fan base and attracting new prospects and leads. Amy teaches you proven strategies for finding your ideal audience, creating campaigns and growing your following.
  3. Engagement – this is where the magic happens – anyone can create a Facebook page and grow a massive following, really it’s not that hard once you learn how to do it properly, but how you interact and engage with your following is the secret ingredient in the Facebook success recipe. In this module, Amy walks you through strategies that will create engagement and will lead to more sales and signups in your business. Everything from what to say in your posts, when to post them to hosting Facebook contests and giveaways.
  4. Facebook, your lead generation machine – the final module teaches you how to pull everything together and make your Facebook page a lead generation machine that will work for you round the clock to generate leads and increase your sales.

After investing in several Facebook marketing training courses, I can honestly say that FBInfluence is by far the most effective system you can buy on the market today.

Sure there are others that may cost a little less or have a bigger following but if you are looking to learn how to effectively build a massive following of engaged fans that will buy what you are selling, FB Influence 2.0 is the only Facebook marketing course that I would recommend.

Here is why I think FBInfluence is the best on the market today:

  • All of the training is taught on a common sense level that anyone, even someone with no experience with Facebook, could understand and easily implement in their business.
  • There was no rush to get the training done, I got to progress at my own pace and really take the time to take notes and digest everything I was learning.
  • I really loved the fact that each video also came with the transcript, cliff notes, slides, and the MP3 file. I have always been able to learn more when I have all the information in front of me and I can follow along and take a notes.
  • The free bonuses really add so much value to the course.

Speaking of the free bonuses, when you purchase FBInfluence 2.0 you will also receive, for free:

  • 50 Pre-written Facebook posts that were created to help you build your following and increase your engagement, use them as a guide for the proper things to say and use them as examples of what works to get results.
  • Learn how to properly use Facebook Groups to attract and keep customers.
  • 50 ready made image quotes, post these and watch as they are shared all throughout Facebook, this is engagement 101 and you will receive it for free!
  • 3 Step Facebook leads generation blueprints – learn how to effectively use Facebook adds to attract even more leads for your business and grow your fan base.
  • Lifetime updates including Facebook updates training, anytime there is an update to Facebook or FBInfluence 2.0, you will not only know about it but you will be given the training  you need to fully understand the changes.
  • Full Access to the private FBInfluence Facebook group, this is where you can ask questions, get help and interact with other FB Influence 2.0 members.

Final Words on FBInfluence 2.0

I honestly believe that if you are serious about tapping into the power of Facebook and using it to grow your business and increase your sales, you absolutely need to take the time to learn how to market effectively on Facebook.

Amy Porterfield is a proven expert with over 14 years experience marketing on social media and Facebook, think of the time, frustration and money you will save by having an industry expert like Amy show you how to get results.

I always knew that Facebook was the secret to taking my business to the next level but I did what most people do and tried to figure it out on my own.

If I would have invested in FBInfluence sooner, who knows where my business might be right now, but that’s my mistake and it doesn’t have to be yours.

You have an opportunity right now, right in front on you to take action and learn the skills you will need to grow your business on Facebook and get the results you know you deserve.

Take action now and see what Amy Porterfield’s FBInfluence can do for you.

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