DirectTV vs Dish Network | Best Satellite TV Provider?

Today I will be taking a closer look at DirectTV vs Dish Network to determine which is the best satellite TV provider.

You are probably on the fence about which one to go with as there are so many positive and negative reviews for both online.

I am just going to shoot straight with you and tell you which one I went with and why without all the fancy charts and plan details that most DirectTV vs Dish Network reviews use to fill their page.

At the end of the day, if you are like me you just want to be able to turn on your TV, watch your favorite shows and pay the least amount per month for the service.

I live out in the middle of no where, where satellite TV is the only option for our television provider.

While I love living away from the city, there is definitely some major trade-offs for the slow and quite life we live out in the back roads of West Georgia.

Besides being limited to just satellite television providers, we also cannot get high-speed internet and no one delivers pizza where I live 🙁

I am sure you are  probably wondering why we even get out of bed in the morning without high-speed internet, it’s my least favorite part.

This is normally what it looks like a my house.

If I could get unlimited high-speed internet where I live then we wouldn’t even be having this DirectTV vs Dish Network comparison as I would most certainly have an Amazon Fire Stick on every tv, but I can’t so lets move on.

In this DirectTV vs Dish Network review I won’t be going into all the finer details of what each service offers, but what we will cover is the answer to the 4 main questions you probably have about these two satellite tv providers:

  • Who offers the best service and channel selection
  • How much is this going to cost you
  • Side by side comparison
  • Which is the better overall value

DirectTV vs Dish Network

DirectTV vs Dish Network: Who Has The Best Service

There are a million websites out there debating over who has better service between DirectTV and Dish Network and almost everyone one of them has an affiliate link next to the one they recommend, convenient.

They go on an on about how one is great and the other is garbage so you will be convinced to go with the one they are recommending and hopefully they will make a commission on your referral.

Honestly, I have had both services and cannot really tell the difference in the two.

In fact I just switched back to Dish Network this week and the only differences I have found so far are the equipment, channel numbers and of course the monthly fee.

Both are a little different in the look and feel of the guide and the different options each one offers but the TV itself is the very similar, the same if you ask me.

If you are going to make your selection based strictly on service, you could go with either and be just fine.

As far as reliability goes, both offer great reliability and the only time you will experience any issue with either is when the its raining like cats and dogs outside, this is a great time to pop in a DVD or watch something saved to your Genie or Hopper 3.

DirectTV vs Dish Network: Cost

The biggest thing to look at when comparing prices between Direct TV and Dish Network is which package has all the channels you like to watch so you are not stuck paying extra for channels you do not even use and the total cost (including fees) of the package.

As I said above, I just made the switch from DirectTV to Dish Network for one reason alone, DirectTV is much more expensive than Dish.

There will be plenty of loyal DirectTV supporters who will disagree and come up with all sorts of numbers to try to prove me wrong but I have spent a lot of time comparing the two, their channel packages and all the monthly fees that appear on your account statement and Dish is by far cheaper than DirectTV.

Lets take a look at my last bill with DirectTV: (I had the ultimate package, 3 receivers, protection plan, HBO, regional sports and whole home DVR)

Dish Network

This is the first month of the 2017 DirectTV rate increases.

I have been working hard these first few weeks of 2017 to lower my bills and save/ invest more money each month, so when I saw my already sky-high DirectTV bill go up even more I knew it was time to go.

I gave DirectTV a call to tell them I was going to be switching to Dish Network and wanted to see what they could do to keep me as a customer.

The best they could do was lower my bill back down to what I had been paying for the last 2 years, $160.07, saving $8.20 a month, no thanks.

I called DirectTV and they had a technician out at 8 am the next morning to install their satellite and equipment.

While the Dish technician was at my house I received 3 calls from DirectTV account managers wanting me to come back, the best offer I heard was $45 off my bill for a year and no contract to stay with them.

Here is my bill with Dish Network:


It should be noted that Dish Network is currently offering:

  • HBO Free for one year
  • Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and Dish Movie Pack free for 3 months
  • Free Protection Plan for 6 months

I will be canceling all the movie channels before the trial runs out and adding the protection plan after six months.

So with my 2 year price guarantee my bill after 6 months will be somewhere around $125 a month which is $43 per month cheaper than DirectTV, roughly 25% cheaper.

25% is a rather significant difference in price if you ask me.

Check out the Directv vs. Dish Network comparison chart I found on


directtv vs dish comparison

Credit: GadgetReview.Com

The major standout is that DirectTV’s prices increase by as much as 75% after the 1st year.

DirectTV vs Dish Network: The Equipment

Most of the equipment you will receive with either DirectTV or Dish Network is pretty much the same.

Nothing too fancy and no additional features worth noting.

The major difference in equipment between the two is their DVR

  • DirectTV – Genie
  • Dish Network – Hopper

While these two DVRs are very similar in what they can do, there are several unique features for each one.

They both can:

  • Watch your recorded shows on the go from anywhere
  • Compatible with all major devices
  • RF and IR remote
  • Have Local Channels
  • 4k Ready
  • Wireless Remote
  • On Demand Shows

DirectTV Genie:

  • TiVo Integration
  • 8 tv capacity
  • Record up to 5 shows simultaneously
  • Exclusive – NFL Sunday Ticket – extra charge
  • Smart Record – records shows for you based on your viewing habits

Dish Network Hopper 3:

  • Auto Skip Commercials on recorded shows after 24 hours
  • 7 tv capacity
  • Record up to 16 shows simultaneously
  • 2TB DVD storage
  • Netflix, YouTube and Pandora already built in
  • Lost Remote Locator
  • Slim, sleek design.

satellite tv provider

By far the clear winner in equipment is the Dish Network Hopper 3 which offers more features than the DirectTV Genie.

Best Overall Value

I hope that I have shown you that Dish Network is clearly the better overall value over DirectTV.

Dish Network has better equipment with their Hopper 3 DVR and offers a much more affordable service without giving up the show you love to watch.


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