Couponing Tools and Basic Organization

Before we get into where to get your coupons we first want to figure out where you are going to store and organize all your coupons so let’s take a look at some of the couponing tools and basic organization you’ll find useful to have on hand as you begin your couponing journey.

Getting everything setup when you are getting started couponing is actually a lot easier than you may think and you probably already have everything you need in your home.

You can go as extravagant as you want but let’s keep things simple as you are just getting started couponing and can add or upgrade items as you go, so to get started you will need:

  • A way to clip your coupons, scissors, paper-trimmer, etc.
  • A way to organize your coupons, envelopes, file folders, accordion file organizer, binder, etc
  • A way to plan your shopping trip, pen, paper and calculator

Of course, since we are discussing getting started couponing we are going to stick with the basic couponing tips, the internet is filled with seasoned power couponers who are sharing all of their advanced organization systems and strategies, most of which are really cool and can make couponing a lot easier but keep in mind that many of these people have been extreme couponing for years and have developed their systems over time.

how to get started couponing

You will get there too but first you need to learn the basics of how couponing works, don’t worry once we get through the basic couponing setup, we will get in more advanced strategies.

Ok so how are you going to clip all of your coupons each week?

Most people use scissors as they are the easiest to use and by far the most accurate but are really slow and after a couple dozen coupons can really make your hands start to hurt.

A great alternative to scissors for cutting coupons is the Slice Safety Cutter which is a super fast, safe and accurate way to cut your coupons. (Amazon has them for less than $6)

For me personally, scissors are great when you have a few coupons to cut but when you have 4 or more copies of each insert from a Sunday paper you can really save a ton of time using a paper trimmer. Here is the one I use – you can pick it or a similar one up at your favorite Super Center or Office Supply Store for less than $30.

Couponing Tools and Basic Organization

When it comes to cutting couponing it really all comes down to your personal preference, some people love scissors and will only use them, I am all about speed so the paper trimmer is always my first choice but you really have to make sure your coupons are lined up just right or you could cut important information on your coupons that could void your coupon if missing.

Couponing Tools and Basic Organization

If you are like me you will have hundreds of new coupons each week and one of the most important things you will have to consider is how are you going to store and organize all these coupons?

When you are just getting started, a small accordion style coupon wallet will work just fine but as you become more advanced or when you outgrow your coupon wallet you may want to consider a larger solution.

I use a portable file folder organizer to store coupon inserts I have not cut yet and to store coupons I typically would not use but want to hold onto in case a smoking hot deal comes through for them.

The coupons I will be using go in my coupon binder which is nothing more than a 2″ 3 ring binder with clear baseball card plastic sheets and tab style dividers for each section of the store. I will have more on how I setup my coupon binder in a later post.

When I was getting started couponing, I found a lot of couponing organization tips on this site.

Couponing Tools and Basic Organization

The possibilities for couponing storage and organization are endless and your preferred method will most likely evolve over time.

The options mentioned here might not even cover the method that you eventually find that you prefer to use. But they’re a good start.

While having spreadsheet software is not a necessity, it certainly comes in handy when attempting to figure out shopping trips.

Jotting down notes on the back of an envelope isn’t exactly the most effective way to easily determine how much your total bill will cost and it’s easily lost too.

In later posts we’ll explore some more tips for getting started couponing and dive into electronic options in keeping your shopping trips organized.

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