Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change your mind, change your life is one of my favorite quotes but for me it is more than just some words written on paper or spoken in a motivational speech, it is a way of life.

There have been several books written about change your mind, change your life and how powerful our thoughts are in determining our choices, where we end up in life, how successful we are and even how healthy our relationships are,

Our minds are programmed from an early age to believe the way we do, to want the things that society wants for us and those thoughts are further reinforced by our interactions with family and friends who have been trained to think the same way.

Then you throw in the things that we hear and see on tv, the news, radio and our minds are left with a clear road-map of what we need to do, go to school, get a job, pay taxes and retire when you are too old to really enjoy life.

For the majority of my life I bought into this thinking and did just as I was suppose to, I went to school, made good grades and didn’t get into too much trouble.

After high-school I went straight to college, earned a bachelors degree and got a job where I work 50+ hours a week to have everything I need and really nothing more.

Up until now I have been a role model for how society wants me to be but no more, I recently discovered a powerful new way of thinking that has changed the way that I look at everything I do in life and it all starts with changing my thoughts.

In the past, as long as I was healthy, bills were paid and had a little bit left over at the end of the paycheck I thought everything was going good, for most people that is just fine but not me, I want more, I deserve more and more is exactly what I am going to have.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

I am a firm believer that anyone can do or be anything they want in life but they have to believe in themselves and then work their ass off to get what they want, too many of us spend our entire living in fear of what could possibly go wrong if you took a chance to make your dreams become a reality.

The wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard, because in the graveyard we will find inventions that we were never exposed to. Ideas, dreams that never became a reality, hopes and aspirations that were never acted upon. Les Brown

So start today and think about what ideas or dreams you have that you are not acting on and what you are going to do differently so that they do not end up buried in the graveyard when your time comes.

The change your mind, change your life mentality is something that we can all do and it won’t cost you a dime but it might just save your life.

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