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I am constantly looking for ways to cut expenses and free up more money to put away for our future so when I sat and looked at how much we were spending on food and groceries it really got me thinking about finding more budget friendly recipes.

The internet is a great resource for finding so many ways to save money, sometimes I find myself spending hours coming up with new ways to save a dollar that I had never even thought of before and often find myself spending the majority of my time on coupon and deal sites to find out what deals are available in the stores where we live.

A couple of years ago I found a site that has since become one of my most frequently visited sites on the internet, it has everything a savvy shopper could ever want, coupon match-ups, budget friendly recipes, tips and tricks and a whole lot more.

The same of the site says it all, 5 Dollar Dinners , I highly recommend that you check it out, you never know what you may find and you could learn a could new low cost recipes that your family will love.

budget friendly recipes

Budget Friendly Recipes

While I love checking out the blog at 5 Dollar Dinners to find budget friendly recipes and coupon deals, it is not my only online source for low cost recipes, here are just a few of the sites I check out each week when we are sitting down to work on our weekly meal plan:

AllYou Magazine – most of you will recognize this magazine from the grocery store checkout lines, they have a little bit of everything in their magazine, family, food, lifestyle, coupons, health, and a ton more.

One of the things I like the most about AllYou is main theme of the magazine is budget friendly, you will find all sorts of budget friendly ideas from recipes to crafts and everything in between.

You can check out their big list of budget friendly recipes here.

Save A Lot Stores – while I have never been in a Save-A-Lot store, never even seen one, they have a huge database of recipes for us penny wise shoppers and all of their recipes are categorized by meal, you can even filter the recipes by ethnicity of the dish.

We have made several meals from the recipes we found on the Save-A-Lot website and always check them out when we are thinking about trying something new, you can check out the Save-A-Lot recipes here.

Low Cost Recipes

There are really way to many sources to list here, the two above don’t even scratch the surface of what all is out there if you take the time to search for them.

If you are looking for recipe ideas, check out the two free resources above and if you want to see more just head over to Google and search for budget friendly recipes, low cost meal ideas, budget meals at home, etc.

If you have another great source for budget friendly recipes and want to share it here, please leave a comment below and I will check it out, we are always looking for new and inexpensive recipes.

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