Be Obsessed – The Key To Success

“If you want to be great, not good, not also grand, not second, not third, if you want to be great, the very best at what you do, obsession is a necessity” CT Fletcher

How many times in your life have you heard that you should not obsess over anything and that obsession is unhealthy?

I have lost count on the number of times I have heard that but at some point not being obsessed became a part of my culture and from then on I have been tip-toeing around life, just going through the motions each day.

Sure there have been things that I have devoted a lot of time to but I cannot honestly think of one thing in my life that I was truly obsessed with, something that I was passionate about.

In my study of success and of successful people there is one consistent characteristic that all successful people that I have studied have in common, they have clearly defined goals, their values allign with their goals and they are absolutely obsessed with being successful.

Ok so maybe more than one common characteristic but you get the idea.

I often find myself comparing my life to that of the successful people I follow and for the longest time I believed that they must have gotten lucky or knew the right people which ultimately lead to their success but now it is very clear that their mindset and obsession for success is the reason.

I honestly believe that obsession is the one thing that has been missing in my life and not having it in my life has been holding me back from reaching my success goals.

My life to this date has been a lot of going with the flow, letting people treat me any old way and putting in a half-ass effort into everything I do but that all changes today.

It’s easy to say, “that all changes today” I remember saying that before and not sticking with it but this time I know that it is a necessity if I ever want to realize any of my goals and dreams.

How Being Obsessed Will Change My Life

I mentioned above that I have gone through my first 35 years putting in a half-ass effort is most everything that I do, looking back now it’s true and I know that I can do so much better.

Average has been acceptable to me but average is who I want to be and is not going to get me where I want to be in life so average is no longer acceptable to me.

I have really been looking at every aspect of my life lately and I cannot honestly think of one thing that I personally have been putting in more than average effort into, my marriage, my health, my career, my finances, my friendships and just about everything that comes to mind.

My wife deserves better than a average husband who puts in average effort, she is my whole word, it’s about time I become obsessed with our relationship and show her how much she means to me every day. I know I can do better and I will.

I get up an hour earlier than I need to every morning to get an hour in the gym before work to lose weight and get in shape but am I really taking advantage of that time and getting as much as I can done at the gym in that hour, not even close, I know I can do more and I will.

At work I put in 120% effort everyday to get as much done as possible but I am not actively doing what I need to do to put myself in a position to advance in my career, that is unacceptable because it is not just about me, any advancements in my career will not just benefit me but it will improve the standard of living for my wife as well, it’s time to stop being selfish and do what’s best for my family.

There are so many meaningless things that I am currently doing that are eating up my time and energy that are going to have to be eliminated from my life because they are not adding any value and are not getting me any closer to achieving my goals, more importantly they are not part of my obsession so they have to go.

More to come ….

be obsessed

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