Adding A Clear Vision Of The Future To Your Business

Stop what you are doing, I mean it stop everything and listen to what I am about to tell you.

This could literally change your business instantly.

Look, I do not hide the fact that I struggled like crazy for years before I broke through and navigated my way through all the minefields in the online marketing landscape.

I remember like it was yesterday being in the trenches, frustrated and not knowing what I needed to do to turn my online business around.

As I reflect on those days, it makes where I am today so much sweeter but I believe that we all must go through those struggles, letdowns and failures to truly understand what success feels like.

I can also vividly remember the day that I fought my way out of the trenches and started on the path I am following today, the path to success.

I don’t know where you are in your business, you could be just getting started or you could be like I was, several years invested and not really getting anywhere.

Honestly it doesn’t matter either way, because I am about to share with you the step I took in business that forever changed who I am as a marketer and forever changed the direction of my business.

Now I am not talking about some special program, software or even coaching course, don’t worry what I am about to share won’t cost you a dime but is one of the most valuable gifts I can give you.

So what’s this secret, what is the solution to finally succeeding in your online business?

Its actually something you have probably already heard a thousand times and didn’t take the time to do.

What I want to share with you will give you so much clarity and will give your business the direction it needs to keep you focused on what is important and what will get you where you want to be.

The secret really is no secret at all, actually it is an exercise that famous speaker Tony Robbins did several years back that I recently found.

I have never followed his work or his message but when I read this exercise I was really at a low point in my business and was looking for anything that would get me back on track.

I was actually thinking about giving up and throwing in the towel on the whole online marketing thing, but something inside told me that success was so close, I just had to find a way to get over that last wall and I would have exactly what I was looking for.

When I completed this exercise something inside of me and in my business changed and to this day, I review this exercise each and everyday to remind myself why I am doing this in the first place.

I know, enough build up, just get to the damn thing, right!

adding a clear vision of the future to your business


Adding Clarity To Your Business

So here is the exercise in my words but based off the teachings of Anthony Robbins himself.

Ok so here is what I want you to do, grab a pen and paper, or open a notepad file and answer the following questions.

Really take your time, think about your answers and be as honest as possible.

Many of you will think this is stupid and simply click off this page, that is fine, continue doing what you are doing now and see where that gets you but for those of you still with me, please take this seriously as I feel this is the missing ingredient in your success sauce.

The first part focuses on the pleasure, then we will get into the pain.

Question 1: What would your life be like 1 year from today if you had a $100,000 per year internet business?

Question 2: As a result of having this $100,000 business, what would your life look like?

Question 3: How would that make you feel?

Question 4: How would your life be better than it is now?

Again, answer these as honestly and as detailed as possible, I want you to really think about your answers and write as much as you need to to fully answer each question.

Put in 100% effort into this exercise and you will get 100% return.

Now lets shift gears and answer the pain questions, people will often do anything to get rid of pain but don’t put in as much effort into gaining pleasure so really take your time with these last two questions.

Question 5: Write down what your life would look like if you keep doing what your are doing right now, and if you keep doing the things that are not getting you to your $100,000 online business.

And finally.

Question 6: If you continue stumbling around, jumping from product to product, opportunity to opportunity try to find anything that works, doing everything by yourself, what is your life going to look like 12 months from now.

Adding Direction To Your Online Business

Hopefully you have completed this exercise or are in the process of doing so.

Once you get your answers, read them again to make sure that is what you really see and what you really want.

Use these questions and your answers as motivation each and every day to do everything you can to make your pleasure goals become a reality.

I refer back to my completed questions each and every morning and I know that this is what gave my business the direction it needed to finally stop struggling and start actually finding success in my business.

Success will not come as soon as you complete this exercise but it will give your business direction and clarity, something most struggling online marketers have been missing.


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